It's a must in my life.

I start my days with it, and when I don't- I actually notice the difference in me and my attitude.

With that said, I usually make coffee at my house every.single.morning.

This morning was no different.  I got up, started the coffee pot, checked the dogs, and headed for the shower.

When it was all finished, I headed over to get my nice liquid jumpstart and I chose one of my favorite coffee mugs (since my Tervis was dirty and I'm too lazy to wash it.. ha!).

Now, mind you, this same coffee mug got DROPPED last week and I thought I gave it a royal search checking for cracks.

Apparently not good enough.

I poured my brew in... lifted the cup, and coffee poured everywhere.  ugh.

I wasn't going to make ANOTHER pot of coffee.  Yes, I only make enough for my one-two coffee cups in the morning.

So I drove to the gas station to get me and B a cup.  He loves the coffee at the station and so do I, so I thought this was a good shot to get him a little happy, get to see him, and get my coffee. 

Okay, get to the station and the coffee we drink has been changed.  It's no longer one of the choices.  Panic sets in it. 

I got him one kind, and got me another. 

Mine sucks.   I just threw it out.

I need my freaking' morning coffee people.  It's for the world's safety. 


  1. You need Coffee and I need Mt Dew! HAHA!

  2. I know what you mean about needing your coffee in the morning! I'm addicted to Crystal Light Enegry! i HAVE to have it before any one starts talking to me or I cant function! The good news about this addiction is it has only 5 calories!!!

  3. Ha that's how I feel about an ice cold coke. I am super grumpy if I don't have one by noon.

  4. ummmm ... look at that snazzy button over there.
    woop woop!

    I need coffee.

  5. I'm the same way, but for me it's a Coke!


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