I need to apologize..

For the great possibility that my blog posts will SUCK this week.  My brain is already on vacation. 

Yes, people, the countdown is on.  In 5 days I will be heading my sweet little self to the beach where I can plop my butt in the sand!

Isn't it funny how vacations come when you MOST need them in your life?  This is all the truth for me and mine right now.  It just seems like my "daily" life is on my nerves lately. And I for sure need a break from work.  I think my drive thru is getting smaller by the day.. 

So, again, I apologize for the stupid posts for this week.  And I might mention the beach every.single.day.

Get over it. 

But let's change up a bit and recap my weekend.  Not that there is that much to tell about, but hey.. everyone is nosey to a degree and I like reading about y'all weekends so here's a glimpse into mine..

Friday: Soon as I clocked out at work I went and picked up B at work.  We then went to daycare to get his youngest nephew, Brad.  Bethany was taking the two older boys to something that the little one wouldn't get to enjoy so B and I watched him while they were gone. 

I can't speak for B here, but I had SO MUCH FUN.  That little man is a hoot.  And when he grins you cannot help but melt.  SO precious.  I wish I had gotten my camera out and got some pictures, but hey, we were too busy playing.  And building those precious memories. 

Saturday: Lazy bones was my name.  I seriously was laaaaaaaaaaazy.  But there are very few Saturdays I don't have anywhere to be, and with this being the one before vacation and I know how busy this week is going to be, I took full advantage of it.  I got up with B at 7 when he went to work, but then ran to town and buy a few things for vacation before the crowds got out and about.  Then I went back home and back to bed. 

I told you I was lazy.

After that I got up, moved to the couch, and proceeded to catch up on some shows I'd missed on the last few weeks.  Finally, I got up off my tail and B and I went and got dinner and browsed around town a little before coming home.

Sunday: LAZY was not even the word.  I slept like all day long.  Then it hit me that I won't have time again this week to clean my house before we leave and let's be honest.  I'm a freak about my house being clean and I CANNOT think about coming home to a dirty house.  So I got some of it mopped and cleaned yesterday and will try and do a little each night to get it all done and put away. 

SO that was my weekend loves.  It's nothing fancy, and nothing special. But I love it. 

And in 5 days when I'm heading to the beach with my man and other family then I will be smiling and thanking God for what all He has blessed me with 

What did YOU do this weekend??

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  1. No need to apologize lady! I would be worried if you didn't mention the beach everyday this week! Hope you have a great time!! = ) Sounds like you had a nice relaxing weekend!


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