Eyeballs & Puppy Dogs. :)

Let me apologize in advance for the lack of photos lately.  I've slacked off with that, but rest assured I have my camera batteries charged.  And this weekend it's on, loves! :)

Now, time for another Q&A with me!

7. What is your dream job, and why?
-I'm going to somewhat cheat on this one.  I have two different answers.

First up, I'd LOVE to be anything that works directly with dogs.  I just have a passion for dogs that runs deep.  If I see one mistreated, abandoned, etc. then I take it straight to my heart.  I will be the first one to pick up a stranger's dog to love on it myself, and the last one to walk away when a dog sniffs up to me to play.  They can't talk verbally with us, but sometimes just by their nature you know when a dog loves you, even if it's your first time meeting it.  That would be my fun dream job.

<My lovebugs>
A realistic dream job is something I kick myself for every single day.  I wanted to be an Optometrist.  Yes, an eye doctor.  I have horrible eyesight and the fact that there are wonderful people out there treating people like me has always amazed me.  In fact, when I graduated high school I started college as a pre-optometry major.  And then this is where the stupid part of me kicks in.  I felt like I wasn't smart enough for the Chemistry classes so I dropped that major.  Worst decision as far as my future.  But, God took me where I am today and it might not be the most glamorous job or by far not making as much money as I could have in other areas, but it's where I'm at.  And that's what I'll go with for now.

So, word to the wise- FOLLOW YOUR DREAMS.  Try it.  Don't talk yourself out of anything.  If you fail, then that's alright.  At least you TRIED.


  1. I went through the same exact thing. Out of high school I was going to go into pharmacy but quit because I was afraid I was not smart enough to finish chemistry degree! I could kick myself now too but then I think if I did follow through with it I would not be where I am today! :)

  2. Loved this post love! Its exactly why I'm going back to school. At least if I fail, I tried :) Oh and a Gain commercial was on as I typed this and it made me cringe! PS there are both eye doctors and jobs with puppys in NC - 2 more reasons you and B should move here!


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