Sick man.

Hey ladies.  I'm not promising a big post today, because quite frankly I don't feel like I've woke up yet.  I don't know what's wrong.  Maybe it's nature's way of saying I don't need to stay up so late during the week anymore like I have this week. 

But in my defense, I was trying to catch up on Revenge.  And so far, I love it.  I'm on episode 12 I think.  Can't wait to get caught up and start watching the newer episodes. 

On another note, I'd like to ask everyone to keep my man in your thoughts and prayers today. He was feeling icky last night, and the same thing today so I've sent him some medicine and hoping he gets better fast, we have a weekend of plans!

Speaking of the weekend, tonight I'm skipping the last home football game.  I hate that I am, but time just isn't on my side as far as getting to do that too. And now with B and his sickness, we sure don't need to go sit out in the wind.  I'll be heading to mom's after work to help her set things out for our yard sale in the morning.  And then after all that, B and I need to go to town and find a gift for Brad.  Tomorrow is his birthday party (I'll have pictures next week!)

So, you see.. we do have a weekend of things coming up so I need my man to feel better ASAP! :)

Well, ladies, that's about all I've got today.  I think I'll take a nap on my desk now. Shhhh! :)


  1. oh no B is sick! :/ i hope you dont catch it!

    if you do fall asleep just raise your hand really slow and say " in Jesus' name amen" and you're good to go! no worries!

    Have a fun weekend

  2. So that is why you were ignoring J & I's tweets earlier today, because yo were nappin at your desk? Hope B feels better soon :) love youuuuu!


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