My other half..

...of my heart for family is B's side.  These people are awesome, that's just all there is to it!  So I thought I'd show off some recent pictures of my boys.

First up, I got this little outfit for Brad for his birthday a few weeks ago.  If you missed that post, you can read about it here.

Doesn't he look just PRECIOUS!?!  I seriously told B it made me want to go buy little boy clothes and dress him up hahahaaha. I'm weird, I know!

And of course, I gotta show off THE TEAM, from Halloween! 
State, Ole Miss, and ugly Florida.  (Sorry FL fans..) (& Sorry, Bryce!)

And last, but not least.. here is their family shot from Halloween night. 

What a cute little family!  See how blessed I am to be getting these people in my life? :)

P.S.- I got some good feedback on the potential Vlog with me and B, a Q&A session.. so start submitting your Questions and we will get it up and going soon! :)



  1. GO GATORS!!!1

    what cute little football players!

  2. I'm probably getting a little too excited right now, but from this post could I possibly assume that you live in or are from Mississippi!? I live in Starkville and graduated from Mississippi State and I just LOVE finding other Mississippians, it makes me super excited!
    -Heather @ From Here to There

  3. B, what do you love about Kayla, something we wouldn't know from her blog? When is Kayla going to be sporting some new jewelry? ;)

    And I'll work on questions for Kayla...


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