I'm going to keep this one short today since I've got several "To Do" lists to knock out instead of blogging (boo!), so here goes..

[I'm loving..] that I WILL NOT BE AT WORK for the next 5 days. yayayay!

[I'm loving..] that I'm headed with B and his family to visit with Ben in GA!

[I'm loving..] my family, friends, boyfriend, dogs, etc.  Seriously.. ya'll make my world!

[I'm loving..] all the coffee I'm jacked up on today.  Remember all those to do lists... yeah, that's how they are going to get completed! ;)

[I'm loving..] that I'll get some good pictures this weekend! Yay!!

[I'm loving..] that ya'll are taken care of the rest of the week with some fabulous bloggers!  Can't wait to show them off!

& last, but certainly not least..
[I'm loving..] that we still have the right to vote for who we want, and that yesterday I made the decision that God would want ME to make, even if I don't agree with the outcome. 


  1. AMEN on the last part.
    Have a fun vacation!!!

  2. Hope you have a fun vacation! Can't wait to read about it on the blog.


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