Do a happy dance.

& and I AM so glad!  For some reason this week has felt extra long! 
Or maybe that's just me!?

Tonight is my work Christmas Party, so after work B & I will be in rush mode to get to the party in time.  It's at Hagy's, just like every year.  But it's never been on a Friday after work before so that's going to be a challenge, but best I understand is that when the bank called to reserve the party room, the place was already booked for December.  #oops.  Oh well, at least we still get a party!  #i'mgoingtoeatgoodandalot

Other than that this weekend is full of just whatever comes my way.  I plan on getting the rest of the Christmas shopping done.  I'm a little over half way done, and I am ready for it to be completed so I can sit back and relax and work on getting my menu ready.
Yes, my menu.  In case you are new around here, Christmas is my event every year. My family gathers at my house to celebrate, so some planning for this takes time every year and it would be fantastic if I wasn't still shopping in the meantime too! But let's face it, I probably will be. ;)

This handsome fellow & myself had a wonderful night last night.  I just love Thursdays and I still think once we are married I'll get some extra butterflies on Thursdays, even though it won't be near as "special" as far as making plans for the week.  But mentally, I'll know. 

I cooked his Ritz cracker chicken, some mac-n-cheese, and some garlic bread and we dined and then he watched Moonshiners while I took a long shower and finished up some candy I was making- Homemade Butterfingers!

Ya'll, I had my doubts, and so did B. But they are legit! Taste SO good.

So SCORE for Kayla! :)

We also watched a new (to us) show called 911 Panic. 
Amanda, this show SO made me think of you!
The show was about some real live 911 calls that that came into the dispatcher and how it all played out.
B and I were kind of hooked, and honestly I was kind of freaked out.  I guess you always "know" things can happen to you, but I think I finally realized just how easy it is for something to happen when B isn't home to help protect me. It definitely makes me extra thankful for my alarm system!

So, that was our Thursday night.  I know it might not sound like much to many people, but those are the nights I live for.  A night of spending time with my future husband, just continuing to build on our bond and enjoying what time we can get!

Ever so thankful for this man!

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!


  1. I'm so excited it's Friday. I have a 3 day weekend so I was happy to sleep in this morning.

    I see you added a countdown to your page! Where did you get it? I want to get one also! :)

  2. I watched it...and got bored. LOL! J and I critiqued it, every second of it.
    You know you're a dispatcher when, you yell at the dispatchers on Panic 911 because they're not doing it right lol


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