So... As a followup..

Well, apparently my post last night struck a cord with some folks.  And I'm super glad it did.

Will it change anything? Probably not. 
Did it show me that there are still good people blogging? Yes, even more so than I imagined!

Now, let me explain.  I didn't write yesterday's post to start any drama or claim I'm any better than anyone at this whole blogging thing.   Because I didn't.  And I'm not.  Like at all.

And I didn't write it to bash all big blogs.  Because there are some girls who I consider my besties now who are handling some big blogs.  But the difference is- those girls have stayed true to themselves.  They write about their lives, their good days, bad days, fave products, and embarrassing moments.  They lay it all out there for those of us to read. 

Those are the people I like to read about.  Now if you've read me any length of time at all you know I'm not a fashion blogger (haaa. that would be a joke in itself there...) and you know I'm not a craftier.  That is a recipe for disaster too.  And I don't even share recipes because well, even though it tastes good to me and B, it doesn't mean it's "Pinterest" or blog worthy stuff here.  I live in a small town in Mississippi.  I live a simple little life as a bank teller and a newly engaged girl planning my October 2013 wedding.  I talk about my family, B's family, my fur-children, and my wedding plans.  It's not like I'm really sharing some juicy gossip on this ole blog of mine.

I blog FOR ME.  To my knowledge I've never truly offended someone with my blog. Sure, people might not agree with how I do things or things I say, but I don't think I've been some Twitter topic or anything.  And I sure haven't made it to that page where people bash blogger girls.  At least, not yet.  Which brings me to...

Anonymous comments.  We've all seen them on blogs.  And last night's post earned me my first one.


DEAR ANONYMOUS ((aka the person not brave enough to say anything with own real name))
So, I'm writing for popularity huh?  Well isn't that funny that I get average 3-4 comments on my blogs, but suddenly I'm writing for popularity?!  Don't you think I would want those comments on something I said in a good way, not a negative blog post?  I mean really.  I wouldn't have cared if NO ONE commented on the blog.  I said what I wanted to say because it's how I feel.  And so, why didn't you use your REAL name?  At least I can say what I want about people using my own name and don't hide behind "anonymous".

MOVING ON...................

Not everyone is going to like me or my blog and I'm perfectly okay with that.  Not everyone is going to want to follow me and I am perfectly okay with that.  But if you're making it a habit to belittle people and try and use your big numbers to make small blogs think they "owe you" then I'm out.  I don't agree with it one bit.  And based off some of the emails I've seen- I'm not alone.

I don't follow ONLY mommy bloggers, or ONLY DIY blogger, or ONLY fashion bloggers.  I like variety.  I like people from different walks of life and different parts of our world.  I like people based on THEM, not their hobbies.  I wouldn't have followed them to begin with if I didn't find them interesting. 

I didn't name any names in this post, and I won't if you ask me.  I just think being downright rude to people is disrespectful.  It's simple- if someone comments on your blog then show them you appreciate their following by commenting them back.  Yes, it might take you a couple days if you receive a lot of comments, and I think we all collectively udnerstand that.  But to never respond just leaves a bad taste in someone's mouth.  The same goes for never replying to an email that you were supposed to, it's just frustrating and makes me think less of you as a blogger. 

I blog for me.  If I gain a girl who wants to talk about something I've talked about or vice versa, then it's a jackpot win in my opinion.  But please ladies, stop bashing others.  Stop with your attitude of thinking they "owe you" their time or money.  Stop hounding people to buy your sponsor spots.  If they like you and want to- they will.  Stop tweeting it 321561315321 times a day.  To me it screams you are more concerned with your follower number than your material.

Most of us aren't trying to be an author.  We write for the fun of it, to record our daily lives.  So for those who are trying to have fun with this blogging community- don't let anyone run over you.  Write for you.  Enjoy those you like and who are similar to you.  Just make it what you want it. 

That's how I am going to run my blog.  I will follow who I like, and won't the ones I don't agree with.  It's simple as that.  And I will take up for someone if I see someone bashing them.  I just don't like it. 

So, this might lose me some followers.  And if it does, then I'll sleep just fine again tonight because I know I'm still true TO ME.

Now, I'm off to go answer my email that my lovely ladies sent! :) *Muah!


  1. Love this and love you :) Couldn't have said it better my dear!

  2. Amen, sista. And I HATE anon comments. I mean come on, if you're going to say something ugly just own up to it.

  3. i couldn't love this any more! you inspire to keep blogging just for ME and not to join a "clique" or try and be popular. thank you for speaking truth into this blogging community, i really do appreciate it!


  4. Omg the Twitter thing!! I get SO tired of it!! No way am I spending $50 for one month of "sponsorship" I have 52 followers all from me just being me.

  5. I used to follow a blog that was pretty "big" and one day she posted about how it was rude for "small" blog writers to ask her for things like writing a guest post and whatnot, and how if she wanted to do guest posts, she would let people know. After I read that, I stopped following her. She was kind of on the snotty end with all her posts anyway, but that one entry just made the "Unfollow" button that much easier to click.

    I love your posts these two days and I LOVE that you blog for YOU and not anyone else!

  6. I love your blog!! And like I told you the other day, I would LOVE you to show me the ropes to blogging! I'm new here lol!! Love ya Kay!

  7. I love your blog and you! Very well put with everything you said.

  8. I wonder if Miss Anonymous A-Hole is going to make an appearance on your comments. :) Haha. I try to check in on your blog (I found you through Whitney's) and I have always loved reading it. I think its really shitty when people make assumptions that bloggers are out for popularity, which in reality we are just out to tell our story. Well put, love!



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