Five Years.

Five years ago I was in a sad place.  I was watching my best friends get married, start families, and get everything we had dreamed of as kids.  But I wasn't in that crowd.  I was dating the wrong guys, trying to keep my head above water, and making excuses for it.

If you would have asked me five years ago if my life was anything like it is right now I would have told you "in my dreams."  But thankfully, it is now my reality.  I live the life I dreamed of with the man I asked God to provide me.  We are about to embark on a journey that will last us a lifetime and I couldn't possibly be more happy about it than I am now.  Anyone that knows me IRL or talks to me outside this blog can vouch for that.  I'm one excited engaged woman!

So, that got me to thinking.  Five years ago I was sad.  Today I'm happy.  Where will I be five years from now?  What will my life be like?

So, in five years I see being even more in love with B than I am now.  I see the appreciation for the man he is to grow daily.  In five years, I see walking through a house full of home projects that we've done together.  (Bless him, the list is getting longer..) And in five years I see the man I love playing with our child.  

I think the next five years of my life are full or happiness, trials that will teach life lessons, and years of wisdom that I cannot even begin to imagine today.  

Five years.  It's not a long way off, but yet still in the distance.  

I can't wait to see what life hands me, as Mrs. White, in five years. :)


  1. K! You are so in love! I can feel it with all your lovey dovey post to B! I seriously got chill bumps just reading this post.

    Also I know how you felt 5 years ago! I was that same lady waiting for my "boyfriend" who God hadn't chosen for me to get down on one knee. & as much as i wanted it I'm so thankful it never happened. Now I know why. I found the most amazing man & I'm so excited to see what our future looks like. J even said last night it seems like 5 years that we've been together but its been amazing. To hear that coming from a guy especially him made my heart beat even faster!

    Yay for where we are now & what 5 years from now will look like!

  2. One...loving that outfit you are wearing! Two..glad you are happy now! You are going to have one amazing wedding!

  3. YESS please have babies in 5 years, because I will too and we can meet in the mountains in the summer and have weekend play dates! :):)
    you guys are so cute!


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