Fess it up!

Two posts in one day.


But today I was reading through some blogs and I was on Rachel's page and saw where she had joined up with this pretty girl named Tami.  I flipped over to her blog and immediately became a follower.  Her confession post was super funny, so here's my stab at mine!

I confess..

-I love pizza more than anything.  Really, I think I could eat it daily.. and if this wedding wasn't coming so soon, I just might do that.  But no one wants to see pizza butt on my wedding day.  womp, womp.

-I want to move in with Hallie and Jenna, in our mansion on the beach.   Okay, so that's clearly never going to happen....... unless I hit the lottery, then COME ON GIRLS.... but I had to throw this in there! :)

-I bite my nails.  It's ugly, it's dirty, most of you are probably un-following me right now, but it is what it is.  I have since 2nd grade, and I don't see it stopping.. therefore, I'll be fake on the wedding day.

-I don't want to have food at my wedding.  It's getting on my nerves finding a caterer and getting all that finalized.  I feel like it's making me angry with life.  Ready for this part to be OVER.

-I have to change pens, a lot.  I can't write with the same pen a full week unless it's a GOOD pen.  I'm a pen snob.

-I think my diamond is the best.  No lie, it's my baby.

-I keep chocolate in my house at all times.  Weird or smart!?

-I like to "take care" of B, but when I see him fold clothes/wash dishes/etc. I think it's an even better feeling.  #lucky

-I work in a bank, and I use the calculator for ridiculous things.  It's became too easy and a habit.

-I'm indecisive.  BAD.

-I'm a cheap-butt.  I spend NO MONEY.

-I don't get why people like celebs so much.  Sure, I have a few I enjoy (basically cause they sing a certain song..) but I don't get all crazy over them and stalk their personal lives.

-I think I'm confessing too much... more later! ;)


  1. I chew my nails too buttt I did not get them done for my wedding..big ole fail right there! I hope you find a caterer. We had a outdoor wedding and did BBQ style. Easy peasy!

  2. Your confession's just opened up more similarities for us :) Pizza, chocolate, not caring about celebs, not spending money... Girl! We are more than just wedding twins :)

  3. I could eat pizza daily too. And food is the biggest expense at a wedding :)

  4. Ugh... Finding a caterer was the WORST! I couldn't believe the quotes we were getting from places, for what we wanted. But we were lucky in the fact that our venue let us bring in our own food if we wanted, so we picked up fried chicken from the grocery store, sides from my brothers old work & pie from Costco. It was amazing. = )


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