Are you a FRIEND?

A friend is a gift, one gives itself.
Today I want to share with you one of my best blogging friends.  I just love this girl so much!  

Fun fact: She got married where I was proposed to! :)  Small world!

This girl has always been a friend to me and helped me with many things/questions.  She's never once made me feel beneath her.  In fact, the opposite.  It's hard to find such sweet, honest, caring girl like this today.  I cherish finding her!
And can I mention she has THE most adorable little boy??!?! 

Now, I'll stop blabbing and let you meet my FRIEND!

Hi everyone! My name is Samantha and I blog over at Hooah and Hiccups. Today, I'm here to tell you why I'm an addict...
Addicted to FRIENDS! Duh!
Seriously, does this show ever get old? It's on everyday from 3:30-5:00 pm EST and although I'm not always able to watch it, it's on in the background. Bubba loves it too, so don't think I'm neglecting my child. 
And in case I miss it, I own all 10 seasons on DVD...
So today I want to tell you why I encompass every single character in at least one way.
Joey: I'm a goofball. I'm an intelligent person, don't get me wrong, but sometimes I say really stupid things; word vomit if you will. Like the time I laughed at my sister-in-law for thinking Mt. Everest was in Maine and continued to tell her it was in Colorado. Total Joey move. 
Chandler: Sarcasm. Chandler is ridiculously sarcastic and most of the time, so am I. I'm always cracking jokes, and sometimes at inappropriate times. I hope my bloggy friends can tell that over the internet because otherwise, I may just come off as a weirdo. 
Ross: He's awkward. I'm not always awkward but I can definitely be awkward given the right, or wrong, situation. Ross is my favorite character on the show though, so I must love awkward people. 
Rachel: DUH, fashion. I'm obsessed with fashion and being trendy and Rachel totally has the best job ever. Plus, she's gorgeous and I want to be her. But I guess I really want to be Jennifer Aniston, not Rachel Green. Anyways... 
Phoebe: My musical talent. I joke with Z all the time that I'm not using my "real" voice when I sing, because I don't want him to judge me. But I will rock out to some karaoke or get down to the radio in the car. Smelly cat, smelly cat...
Monica: I love to cook. Okay so I've never been head chef at a restaurant or anything, but I accidentally discovered I'm a pretty decent cook. I also looked like high school Monica when I was pregnant... does that count as a similarity? (Big Fat Goalie anyone?!)
Hope you'll come by and say hi! And a big thanks to Kayla for having me! 
Hopefully, she'll have me back again :) 

Thanks doll!  I am so glad to have you in my little world!  Now, ladies, you can see how great she is so head on over to her blog and start following her! :)  You won't be sorry!


  1. I LOVE FRIENDS!!! I also have all 10 seasons on DVD... <3

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