Thank You Notes.

Hey lovers!
I'm Jenna from Life Is Sweet. 

Since Kayla has decided to take a vacation without any of us I thought I'd go ahead 
and my write thank you notes. 
Is that ok?

Dear Sam's Club, 
Thank you for always feeding me on the weekends with your samples. My dogs also love the 50 lb bag of dog food for only $25.

Dear Candy Crushers,
This love affair is over! Ask for tickets & move lives from someone other than me please!
xoxo- Annoyed with your notifications

Dear 4 inch memory foam mattress, 
Thank you for allowing me to sink into you at night.

Dear work,
I know its getting hot but please don't let all the crazy customer start showing their butts!

Dear Gluten Free foods,
My stomach loves you even if I do sneak a McDouble every once in a while.

Dear ATM fees,
Thank you for allowing me to buy my own money.

Dear Kayla,
Thank you for allowing me to take over your blog today even if I didn't get to go on vacation with you to the beach!

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Thanks love-bugg for stopping in today.  I want to add to your post.. I want to thank YOU for being one of the best possible friends!  OOooh, and you get vacation every day to me based on where you live. :P


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