To Do Before I Do.

Well, as I mentioned in an earlier post, my wedding is in now under the 100 day mark.  With that being said, I have had to kick my butt in high gear getting ready to walk down that isle at the wedding of my dreams.  Unfortunately, these things cannot be just threw together overnight.  Weddings take LOTS of planning, and more often than not, come with a nice side dish of stress.

This is where I'm at right now and I feel like I will be until it's all over.  Now, don't get me wrong.  I love my future husband, and I love my wedding theme/plans/etc., but I'm really looking forward to being an old married woman who helps the next bride-to-be. :)

So, what's been up with the wedding lately?  Well, I'm glad you asked!  This week I have got some things crossed off my list that I had hoped to do.
1. Ordered invitations!
2. Bought supplies for my favors!
3. Bought server set.
4. Ordered bridesmaid jewelry.
5. Started thank-you notes for the gifts we have already received!

I am getting so pumped to start really crossing things off that I've had on "the list" for months.  This coming weekend I think I'll go shopping for some supplies that I'm going to need for a few wedding crafts.  And then the next weekend I'm hoping to get some of those in the works with the help of one of the bridesmaids who offered her services, haha.  :)

I know I said this stuff is stressful, but it's fun too.  I'm making memories during this process and on my wedding day I can stand a little taller knowing I did this myself!  A little pat on my back! :)

Stay tuned for more wedding details coming Friday!

&& just to keep myself on the right track,  I'm going to post my updated to do list.  However, this is constantly changing because I keep adding things to it.  HA!

Wedding Checklist:

1.   Set a date
2.   Booked a venueRehearsalCeremonyReception
3.   Honeymoon
4.   Wedding gownshoes, jewelry, garter
5.   Create wedding website ((You can find it here))
6.   Book photographer
7.   Book officiant (B's dad!)
8.   Ask Wedding Party- Bridesmaids/Groomsmen
9.   Book make-up & hair.
10. Cakes- Bride & Groom
11. Wedding bands- Bride & Groom
12. Burlap banner (Tutorial can be found here!)
13. Book videographer
14. Wedding favors
15. Book DJ
16. Guest Book
17. Something old, blueborrowed, new
18. Wedding coordinator
19. Exit outfit.
20. Caterer
21. Music- Pre-ceremony, Ceremony, Reception
22. Engagement pictures (May 7!)
23. Guest List
24. Order Invitations.
25. Florist
26. Wedding Party gifts- Bridesmaid/Groomsmen/Flower Girl/Ring Bearers/Ushers
27. Thank-you notes
28. Cake/knife server
29. Cake stand (Tree stump)
30. Bible (with new name!)
31. Chalkboard signs
32. "Day of" kit
33. Rehearsal Dress/Shoes/Jewelry
34. Wedding Map (for out of town guests)
35. Order personalized dress hanger
36. Marriage license/Blood test
37. Groom wedding gift
38. Day of agenda/contact list
39. Server list
40. Programs
41. Order of bridal party
42. Engagement announcement in newspaper
43. Belmont Hotel?
44. Bridesmaids dress(order by June 1)/shoes/jewelry
45. Groomsmen- tuxedo/shoes(Order by Aug. 1)
46. Flower Girl dress/shoes/hair accesory
47. Ring Bearers outfits/shoes
48. Ushers
49. Paint mailbox
50. Order napkins
51. Create Door wreaths


  1. Hang in there! The honeymoon will be totally worth all the time spent planning :)

  2. You are getting so close!!! It will be here before you know it!

  3. The last 100 days are going to FLY by! The more you can get done now, the better!! :)

  4. Yay!!! you are doing so awesome!! I know it will be so beautiful! ;)

  5. Good idea getting a head start on your thank you notes!! I waited until the last minute! Kinda stressful!


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