Party People

The past two weekends have held two very special birthdays, with two of my favorite girls!

First up, my mini-me turned 3! I can't believe it's already been three years since that little bundle of joy came into our lives.  I love getting to spend time with her and see her learn new things. For her birthday this year we did it on a smaller scale than the Minnie Mouse Party and the Dora Party.

For this birthday she wanted Max and Ruby, so that's what she got.  We had a simple day of playing in the pool and then jumping in the inflatable jumping castle.  Even I got in on that one and had a ball!

And so by far my biggest challenge yet for Jenna was making her birthday cake.

For this feat, I ordered a bunny cake pan from Wilton and baked two of those. And then for the body, I baked a cake in a 9X13 pan and cut it in half.  Then, in order for it to "fit" I had to trim some out of the "neck area" before icing it how I wanted.  As a guide, I simply Googled an image and did the best I could.

It isn't the best or prettiest creation, BUT it tasted good and I think it wasn't too bad for my first ever attempt at baking a cake for an occasion.  Success in my book.

Then this past weekend we had another birthday to celebrate, my mom.  She wanted to go to Lambert's to eat for her birthday, so some of us loaded up and took a mini road-trip.  It was such a fun day spending time with my family.

Once we got home, it was time for CAKE.  And I made this one too.  This one didn't turn out at all how it was supposed to look, but it was delicious so maybe that helps my case, ha!! 

Hope it's been a fantastic two birthday weekends for my two favorite girls!


  1. The cakes came out great!! They totally look like Max and Ruby.

  2. Adorable! Happy belated birthday!

  3. The cakes look great!!!! That is awesome u can do that!

  4. You did a great job on the cakes! Proud of you!


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