Five on Friday!

Mississippi Mrs. - 5 on Friday
1 // I entered Brian and I's picture into a promotional event on Twitter, sponsored by Axe, and look who made it to the big screen in NEW YORK CITY!  Sorry, the picture isn't the best but look through that blur and that's me and the husband!
2 // I posted about Parental Love this week.  This is one of my dearest pictures from My Wedding Day.  
3 // I worked more on researching items to help promote Mississippi Mrs. this week, and I'm excited to watch this little spot grow!  

Mississippi Mrs.- Basketball
 4 // The BAS boys (BAS is all their initials in case you are new here!) had their final games this week.  I'm sad to see it go.   I love watching their abilities at the different age levels.  Love me some basketball and BAS boys!
[ Photo credit: Lindsey Jenkins ]  

Mississippi Mrs. - Winner
 5 // Speaking of basketball, Blake's team WON.  It was an intense game from the start and I'm super proud of him and all he accomplished this season at Jericho Basketball!
I'm so glad this week is coming to an end.  It's seemed long to me, and COLD.  I am thinking that warm weather got lost somewhere.  This just proves even more that I do indeed to move to the Virgin Islands.  Or at least get a long, good vacation.  Valentine's is coming, husband.  *hint, hint.*
So, with it being Friday, I'm ready to head home and kick back in my pajamas and watch some TV and hoard some more Pinterest ideas.  I really have an addiction, I think.
Other than church, my only plans to leave the house are possibly a small shopping trip with my mother.  She has been sick this past week, so I'm not sure she will feel up to it or not.  However, if she does, I am planning on going comfy.  Below is my ideal outfit for this weekend.  And I think it's all actually clean and hung in the closet! Shocker!

 Do you have anything fun on your list for the weekend?


  1. How cool is it that you are on the big screen!!! Those little guys are cuties and your wedding photo is priceless!

  2. WHAT!? The jumbo tron in Time Square. That is sorta kinda a HUGE deal!

  3. That's so cool being on the big, big screen in Times Square! Awesome! I know what you mean about basketball being over. I enjoyed watching my sons team so much, I wish we had more games to go to! Sharing the #SITSBlogging love.

  4. Love your weekend outfit, so cute!!! Lets just be honest, you are way to cute!

  5. That's so awesome about being on the screen in Times Square! My boyfriend had some work posted up on that same screen during New Years Eve a couple of years ago, so I know what that excitement feels like!! That's very cool!


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