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Lately, I've been focusing more on my relationship with God and how He would want to be react in certain situations. The fact is, life isn't always fair and people will not always abide by the rules.  But it is up to us to decide how we handle things.
I decided to give more of myself to God.  After all, He is the best remedy for anything broken.
So, with that said, this year I've been dumping myself into several devotions.  Along the way I had came acorss the SheReadsTruth series and knew I wanted to participate.  However, I was in the middle of an already ongoing, and time consuimg, devotional so I knew I needed to wait.
Well, then came along Kaitlyn and Elise.  They are hosting a serious of In The Word link-ups where they take a devotion from the SheReadsTruth site and then link-up to discuss.
I am beyond thrilled to have found this link-up and can't wait to get to see what all the other ladies have to say.  I have recently cleaned out my reading list.  Some of the blogs I used to follow just aren't what I want to be seeing anymore.  In all that, I've found more than half of that number back in good, Christian, blogging women.  I am so proud to be a member of this community.
Blogging sisters for God! :)
Won't you come along and study with us?
First study:

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