Good morning, loves!  I've had some new faces around the blog recently.  That excites me!  So, I thought it was time I do a little "get to know me" post again.  Last week, Meredith (from Belle in Boots) posted this on her blog.  I knew immediately it was perfect for a post of my own!
So, welcome new friends!  Enjoy!
A- Age: I will be 30 this Saturday!
B- Birthday: March 8
C- Color: Brown.
D. Drink: Dr. Pepper
E. Eyes: Blue
F. Flashback: My sweet wedding day. 
G. Gent: Brian, the husband.
H. Hobby: Blogging, reading, and project with the hubby.
I. Indulgence: Chocolate
J. Job: Banking
K. Kiddos: Furbabies, Reagan and Roxie
L. Love: Vacations
M. Music: Christian
N. Nation: USA
O. Overstock: Lotion.  I have bottles everywhere!
P. Pets: Reagan & Roxie
Q. Quote: "The only thing we have to fear, is fear itself." -FDR
R. Residence: Corinth, MS
S. Siblings: Kevin and Shawn
T. Temperature: Gloomy and 37.
U. University: The University of Mississippi
V. Vehicle: Jeep Liberty
W. Want: To be healthier.
X. X: X-rays, I've had several.
Y. Yuck: Mushrooms
Z. Zodiac: Pisces
Happy Thursday!


  1. My birthday is Saturday too! :) Happy early b-day!

  2. Love, love, love these getting to know me posts :) And a big happy birthday to you friend!!! I want to be the first to welcome you to the 30-somehtng club, it's amazing and we're so happy to have you. Have a blast celebrating. XO

  3. Happy Early Birthday!!! btw you totally don't look 30!! I turned 30 last year and ppl say that I don't look 30 either. I'm horrible at "guessing" ppl's weight.

  4. Happy Birthday! I am new to reading your blog so I enjoyed this getting to know you post.


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