Random Numbers

Lately, my blog has taken a back seat to just life in general.  Sometimes we need breaks, as bloggers, to get back on track.  I don't regret that, but I do miss my little slice of the internet.
With that said, I've seen some super fun blogs floating around and I want to join in on some of those in the next few days!  Today, we will start with the random number's post. 
Basically it's a very random list of things about me, in numbers.  Enjoy!

My side of the family, on our wedding day.

30 years I've been on this Earth.
6 months (almost!) that I've been married to my husband.
2 cups of coffee in the morning are mandatory.

1 niece

5 nephews

Funny Faces
Roxie about to get a kiss... I caught her in time though!
3 times to turn my alarm off before I actually get up.
8 is when I need to be at work.
728 blog posts I've written.
3 more months until I'm vacation bound.
7 years this August I've been at my current job.
2 dogs that rule my house.

Handsome husband.
1 person I want to share my life with always.  I love you, B!


  1. So fun! Cute post and adorable picture of the two of you at the end!

  2. I turn off my alarm 3 times too! It's the worst! And 2 cups of joe are a must!

  3. Snooze 3 times is a must for me in the morning followed by the largest cup of coffee. Also, cutest ending :)

  4. This is such a cute post! 7 years at a job is awesome!


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