5 on Friday!

Whew! We had it to Friday! Is anyone else as relieved as me?  Some weeks are just loooooooong, and this was one of them!  I'm hoping I'm on the verge of a productive weekend.  I have plans to clean out the closet(s) in the house as well as the kitchen cabinets.  My mom and I will be having a yard sale next weekend and I want to remove as much "clutter" as I can (and try to make a few bucks!)
I also have a project I am hoping to get started on, depending on the weather.  Follow me on Instagram for a sneak peek this weekend! It's going to be a good one!
Okay, back to it being Friday! It's time for one of my favorite link-ups!
1// This man of mine.  He continues to show me endless love, respect, and admiraton.  He's a wonderful husband.  Lately, he and I have been working in/around the house.  It's so nice to have a partner in life that you can do things with other than just call him your husband.  Brian is my best friend.  There's not a day that goes by that I don't pray and thank God for allowing me to be the one that gets to spend my life beside him.

2// I went for my weekly lunch date with mom Wednesday and I got these babies to try.  I must say they are SO good that I will getting them again on my next trip to Subway.  And look at that, 40% less fat.  Hey, it made me feel better at the time. Don't judge.
3// You can't tell me this didn't make you laugh. LOL.  Someone had this on Facebook one night and I HAD to screenshot it and save it.  I get tickled every time I look at it.  And it's an reminder, I don't wanna end up like poor Big Deborah!
4// The word.  Need I say more?  I love my time when I can sit and read in God's Word.  It's always refreshing to see Him working right in front of our eyes.  I have plans to start a new reading plan this weekend so be looking for more information on that and follow along with me!
5// My heart just exploded.  Enough said.
Happy Weekend!  


  1. The big deborah had me laughing too! too funny!

  2. That definitely makes for a Friday chuckle. Have a good weekend!

  3. I LOVE jalapeno chips and now they make them with cheddar?! I need to find these! Happy Friday! :)

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