Five on Friday!

1// This was me last Sunday morning before work. After posting this to Twitter, I was told I looked like The Bloggess.  I'd say that's a pretty cool compliment!
2// I have this quote saved in my camera roll on my phone. I love it.
3// Brians truck tried to die on us this week.  But never fear, me and this sexy man got it back going. Maybe mechanic work as a second job. No?!
4// Lunch with this silly kid is always a hoot.  I'm just not sure who has more fun with the selfies.
5// Did you catch my Foodie Files: Cake Batter Confetti Dip?  
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Happy Weekend pretties!


  1. Ha! Love it! The quote is my favorite part. Happy Friday!!

  2. That quote! Love it and what a good idea to save it on your phone! Happy Friday, lovely!

  3. CAKE BATTER CONFETTI DIP WHAT?! That looks amazing!!


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