Helene in Between
I'm so excited to be back for another #TOTALSOCIAL with Helene.  Today's topic is your "9 to 5" and what that means for you.
So, here is where I spend my 8-4:30 (ha!) since I don't work 9-5!

Looks glamorous, right?
So, I work at a bank if you haven't figured that out by now.  I'm the drive-thru teller and I work as a back up CSR for new accounts/CD/IRA/etc. 

Most days, I have a really easy job.  I am one of "those" tellers who has my daily customers that I baby and know what they want to do even before they drive up.  I love working where I get a view of the world outside (even though my view pretty much stinks!)

It may not pay the most, or be the most rewarding job.  BUT I like it and have been here for almost seven years, so something must be right about it. :)

I can't wait to see what the rest of you do every day. 


  1. I was a teller back in the day. I loved it except for the sales part. I did the drive thru a handful of times. People always drove off with our pens!

  2. being able to have a window and to look at your blog sounds pretty great to me!

  3. Hey any view is better than the windowless cubicle I'm trapped in each day! At least you know if it is even raining! Thanks for linking up with me and Helene!

  4. Isn't this link up so much fun?? I love it!! So glad I found your blog!

  5. Wow that's awesome! So cool that you love your job :) Nice view!

  6. Love that you are looking outside all day! That has to be so nice - you probably don't feel as cooped up by the end of the day! I'm sad I totally missed this linkup, it's fun to learn more about the girls behind the blogs :)


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