June {Goals}

Before we jump head first into June, let's take a look back at May and see how I did on my goals for the month.


-Finish: Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn Review coming soon! 
-Mail three snail mail letters
-Pick up flowers to decorate my front porch.
-Wake up earlier to work out.
-Purchase Bread & Wine: A Love Letter to Life Around the Table with Recipes.
-Spend more time with Him.
-Drink more water, and less soda.
-Finish my blog calendar for May/June.

While I didn't do as well as I had hoped, I am okay with the progress.  It was a busy month for Brian and I.


-Remaining May Goals
-Start printing wedding pictures.  Yes, I'm late.
-Make a packing list for our beach trip in July.
-Join in more link-ups with my bloggy friends.
-Get my nails done.


  1. Sounds like some good goals, I def need to get my nails done!!!

  2. I talked to you months and months ago about sending you a box of books...I've finally got them in a box...now I need to get the box to the post office! June goal for me ~ get the box to you!!


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