#NamesOfGod2014: Volume 1

I'm terribly heartbroken that I am late with this post, but sometimes that's the way the cookie crumbles.  It's not going to stop me from posting because this is for Him and I want to know all I can.

So, if you are joining me today, I want to let you know this is my first installment of my thoughts/reflections on Kay Arthur's book, Lord, I Want to Know You.  Two of my favorite blogs to read, Rachel of Rachel Rewritten and Nicole from Bloom are hosting this study.  I love both of their hearts and their obedience to God to go forth in leading this study for us. 

So, on with the goods.  If you haven't seen/heard this study is happening then go on over and order your book at Amazon or go to your local LifeWay store.  I am so pumped to see what the Lord will teach me.


Days 1-4

In the introductory part of this book, God is mentioned to be a "protector."   That alone just speaks to my soul.  When I'm troubled, I turn to God.  When I have something big and exciting on my heart, I turn to God.  All throughout the day I find things that are happening because of Him.

A protector is what He is to me.  He protects my soul.

When you are in trouble, who to you turn to?  I'm going to bet a lot of you turn to your husbands, or partners.  I do.  It's natural to want your significant other to fix things or share your feelings. But why do you turn to them instead of God?

Do we need that physical touch? A hug? A pat on the back?  Are we becoming a body of people who are shallow to life and need physical interaction instead of facing our giants with God in our prayers?

I love that this book states that as Christians we have feared and stepped back from "boasting in the name of God," which means "to have confidence in."  Our people are focused on physical touch, or things we can tangibly see and hear instead of the Lord talking to us.  We ignore that.

So many people are scared to talk about God in public.  We see and hear every day of someone being jailed or killed for telling of God' love.  But why does that stop the rest of us?  We have lost that confidence.  We are letting Him down.

Let's focus on the statement on page 10.  "I saw that as a woman I am to treat my husband in such a way as to give a correct opinion or estimate of him as a man."

This just stood out to me.  I value my duties as Brian's wife. I know what we do separately will in some way or another reflect back on our spouse.  However, I never thought of it as a measure of him as a person and his loyalty.

Do you love your spouse and glorify him/her? God created you to live for His glory and for His pleasure. This is an essential part of our Christian walk.

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