All About Me // The Mississippi Mrs.

Hey friends, and new readers!  Today I wanted to do one of these little fun "getting to know" me posts.  It's always a good idea to give this for any new readers!  (Hey!!! Welcome!)  SO feel free to browse around and find out all about me

Name : Kayla

Age : 30

Location : Corinth, MS

Other Half : Brian

Working It : Banking

Loves of Life : Brian :) , chocolate,  my dogs, and reading. (And Pinterest.) 

Favorite Food : Italian or Mexican, any day. 

Standard Bar Order : Not a bar girl.

Places I Shop : Yard sales and online.  Duh. 

Beauty Products I Can't Live Without : Mascara and lip gloss. 

Bedtime and Wake-Up : Tucked in at 9, and up by 7:15

What I Blog About : I love to blog about my married life to Brian and whatever else floats my boat! 

Why I Blog : Blogging is my passion.  It is an outlet to life and been a great way to form some special friendships and connections.

Now, wasn't that fun?!  Before you run off, be sure and head over to my friend Paige's blog to catch me there! 


  1. you are the!!! i still wish we lived closer! ;)

  2. What perfect timing, as I'm a new reader/follower! :) Thanks so much for sharing a few fun facts about yourself, and I look forward to seeing what your future holds for you and your hubs!


  3. Hi Kayla! I'm just stopping by after seeing your guest post on Reasons to Come Home. Nice to "meet" you!


  4. Wow! You get a lot of sleep! That's awesome!! :) Mexican food is one of my favorites too!


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