I wore..Maternity Shorts.

I wore them because my other shorts were just plain too small.  Sometimes in blog land, bloggers tend to keep a dark shadow over the truth.  And then there's me.  I'm reality. 
So, yes, I wore maternity shorts because I have gotten too fat for my regular shorts.  And it's time I do something about it.
I've always been one of the bigger girls.  I wasn't fat by any means, but I was never, ever skinny.  I don't want to be "skinny" now.  I want to be healthy.  To accomplish this goal, I have to change some things in my life.  I need more exercise, less late night eating, and lots more will power to get all this done.
All my life, I've had something going on that helped keep the weight off, even up until last year when I was preparing for my wedding day.  But now, I'm past all that and into my 30's and I think nature is just settling in.  But that's not an excuse. 
I want to have children one day and be there for a long time for those children.  I want to be the wife that can actively be at her husband's side helping him instead of coming up with excuses and staying indoors in the air.
So, today, I'm changing.  In fact, by the time this posts I will have already gotten out of bed and exercised.  I've figured out that during the day/evening just isn't going to work for me.  I get really lazy once I'm home from work.  That only leaves mornings. 
Am I thrilled to start getting up early and walk/run? Heck no.  But my body will thank me.
So, ladies, cheer me on.  Pray for me.  Encourage me, if you will.  It's time for a life changing moment. 
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  1. You go girl!! You can absolutely do it :)

  2. Go girl! I'm getting ready myself to start back with daily yoga practice. I like to exercise at night before bed and I'm about to start writing it down in black and white to keep myself accountable. I used to be so disciplined, and then I had a kid! Time to get back in the routine.

  3. I know exactly how you feel about never being "skinny or fat" I am the same way! Weight watchers worked great for me!!
    Good luck!

  4. I will be praying for you and cheering you on. I am actually starting to exercise today when the baby naps (hopefully) or after bedtime. I always like to remember that the Lord created me to glorify Him, I can't do that if I don't feel my best, I might not necessarily be skinny but if you feel good you are more confident and active in every way:)

  5. girlfriend, I can totally relate!! I've never been the skinny girl and definitely seen my weight fluctuate a good bit between high school, college, post college, marriage, and now, postpartum. I'm dedicating myself to getting back in good shape too even if it's only in time for me to get pregnant again......!!

  6. My post yesterday was about health/diet/exercise. I changed a lot in my life at the beginning of the month and I feel a whole lot better! Good luck. If you need an accountability/encouragement buddy, let me know.


  7. I can totally relate to this! I gained 30 pounds last year, and I'm really struggling with losing any of it.

  8. I am in your same boat. I have been the skinny girl most of my life. So much that people asked if I had an eating disorder. I have been depressed and worried about my own health and am trying to do something about it for sure.


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