She's a Natural.

Hey friends! I hope you all had a fun-filled weekend.  Brian and I took a rather lazy approach and spent the weekend just relaxing.  However, we did get out of the house on Saturday and went a special little boy's birthday party!  One of my oldest friends, Meredith, had the cutest party set up for her little boy, Henry.

Now, I have to brag on Meredith here.  She is definitely a girl with creativity running through her veins.  I'm envious (and also thankful I know who to get to help with future parties!)

Let me show you what I mean... 

Forever Friends

I told ya'll, she's a natural!  Thanks for having us, Mert!  We love you!



  1. oh how cute and sweet is this?! love it!

  2. This is adorable! I wish I was more creative from time to time.

  3. Awww...I'm on your blog! Thanks for the shout out! I love decorating for parties...this was actually super easy & quick to put together, but I think it turned out pretty cute. So glad y'all could come! Henry had a blast and it was soooo good to see my friends in person too!

  4. Wow!! This impressive!! She needs to pin all of this stuff for others!


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