Easy Slow Cooker // Banana Nut Oatmeal

Today, I am pairing blog spaces with the beautiful Kenzie from Life in the Sunshine to bring you some really great recipes.  But, here is the best part of this trade- They are healthy! Finding a healthy balance starts with a good healthy meal.  

When I was deciding what kind of recipe I wanted to share, I knew it was breakfast.  A lot of people think by "skipping" a meal, then they are not consuming more fatty foods.  But the real truth is that avoiding breakfast is one of the worst things you can do for you body and health.
By not eating enough, you will leave your body feeling tired and therefore when you do eat, you experience hunger much faster.  Also, eating when you wake up triggers your body to break the "fast" that it's been in during sleep. This is a great opportunity for you to get some vitamins.
Another common excuse is "I don't have time" for breakfast between getting kids to school, husbands lunches packed, and not to mention your own string of to do items.  I have the solution for that too.
Original Source
I wish I could say I can take credit for this recipe, but I cannot.  The Lemon Bowl is the owner of this yummy start to the day. 

I, personally, love oatmeal.  It is such a filling, easy, meal.  And the possibilities are endless on all the combinations you can put together.  But this is a good, healthy, boost for the body.  

Besides, you can make this the night before and have an even less stressful morning! Win, Win!

What is one of your go-to healthy meals?


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