Eco Friendly Rug Pads // Review

Disclaimer: I was sent Eco Friendly Rug Pads in exchange for my review.
A few weeks ago, I was contacted by Rug Pad Corner to review their rug pads for use in my home.  I was so excited because Brian and I had recently added two new rugs to our living room decor.  

First, we got this great rug on sale at Lowe's in our hometown.  The rug was originally $140.00, but we got it on a super sale for $40!!  I was skeptical of it at first because it was out of my "normal" style. However, the price was amazing, so we bought the rug and brought it home.  After a couple days, I knew the rug was staying right where it was at.  

The second rug we added on vacation this year.  I ran across the beauty at TJ Maxx and even though I didn't know where I wanted the rug to be, I knew I wanted it in my home.  I proudly brought it home, loved the look of it, and then the trouble began.

These pads have made my rug-life so much more enjoyable.  Before the pads, the dogs would move the rugs around as they ran across them.  But now, they can run, roll, jump, etc and there are no movements.

I can only imagine how helpful these will be once we start having kids and there is even more movement in the living room.

And today, you can get a deal for yourself.  Rug Pad Corner is allowing my readers to use the promo code REVIEW15 for a 15% discount off your entire order.  Isn't that fantastic?

Thank you, Rug Pad Corner, for the wonderful high quality rug pad.  I would recommend the company as a great purchase.


  1. I need to those! Our rugs always move on us!

  2. Can you use them on hardwood flooring? Our new house has all hardwood and i've been told (repeatedly) not to get rugs that have the plastic backing because it ruins the wood... ???

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