A long weekend recap!

First off let me say that I hope everyone had a fabulous weekend!  I was off yesterday (love the banking hours!) so I had a "long weekend."  This post may just be mainly pictures, since I don't have much to "discuss" with you wonderful ladies.

This was taken Friday.  I told you she was my mini me!
Friday night I didn't do much at all.  I went to eat dinner with my lovely parents' and then spent some time at their house with them.  I love spending time with my mom and dad.  They are two of the most important people in my life and I will always be their #1 fan! 
Saturday I did what you will learn I do A LOT.  I went yard saling!  Although it is still early in the season, there were a few out and of course Mom and I were in the middle of all the other eager shoppers.  I love how the weather has brought everyone out of their houses.  It has made everyone feel better and in better moods it seems, well most everyone..
So, the question you want to ask is "What did I get?"  Well, here is your answer...

That is two coffee mugs, a gadget for me to use when I am working in my flower beds [reminder to make post on that soon!], and honestly an "odd" piece that I found.  I can just see potential bubbling out of it.  I will keep you posted when I figure out what I want to do with that, and when I do.  Anyway, the best part I haven't told you yet.  PRICE.  What do you think I paid for all 4 items?  $1.00. Did you answer correctly?
[doing the happy dance, again!]

After all the yard sale hype was over, Mom and I went to an estate sell.  I didn't buy anything there, but I still had a great time.  It was in one of the older homes in the historic district of downtown.  I absoutely cannot tell you how much I love to look in old homes and imagine the lives that were lived there.  This house in particular was just amazing inside.  From the outside view you would never guess how many rooms were inside.  I was shocked to say the least. 

This is going off topic for a second here, but speaking of homes in the historic downtown area I want to show you my favorite of ALL TIME.  Ever since I was a little girl I have been in love with this house.  A few years ago, my dream house (as I like to call it) was also involved in an estate sell.  I DID buy a few small items from it.  I have them hanging in my house now.  =) Anyway, here are the pictures..

Front view

Back view
Feel free to go ahead and think it looks creepy, because, well it is.  It is known as "The Cat House" here in town.  I could seriously go on (and on and on and on..) about this house, but I will leave the topic alone.  If you want to read more and see more pictures of it then go here. That site will take to my local paper, but you can browse around and see the article that was done on the house after it was bought and some restorations have been made.

Now, let's jump back on topic. (I'm sorry!) But continuing Saturday- just more shopping around town with my mom.  That's usually how we spend our Saturday together and since there were not many yard sales yet, we took the opportunity to hit the stores.  Mom bought a few items, but I just left with new makeup.  (Like I need ANY MORE...) We ended the day with another favorite of mine- SLUGBURGERS!  Maybe I should link this one too, in case someone reads this and thinks I have completely lost it.  Just click here to see what exactly a "slugburger" is & and if you are ever this way- TRY ONE!

Sunday I have to admit I was lazy.  I didn't do much at all.  I cleaned in spots around my house, but mainly I just enjoyed the day and played with Reagan & Roxie!  They enjoyed time with their mama too!

Monday brought a whole different story.  I THOUGHT I was going to spend the first half of the day lounging around and then ride to Cassie's (see her blog The Taylors) house to work on something.  This "something" will be shown & discussed when progress is made.  But unfortunately I didn't make it to her house.  My [precious] daddy decided to help me do my yard yesterday.  Yes, it needed it desperately, but I just hated to not get to see Cassie.  But on the positive side of things, my yard looks 100% better and I have my date rescheduled with Cassie tonight. 
I also took the time to hang my beautiful cross that Tammy gave me for Valentine's... Fits right in!!

Dining room wall

Well, it is time for me to get back to work.  (Yes, I blog AT WORK!) [SHH!!!!]
But I want to leave you with one more picture.  You can't help but smile.  This is Rudi, my parents' dog.  He also is my sweet Roxie Jane's father. 

Rudi Jo enjoying some ice cream!
I think I may just take Rudi's advice and go get some ice cream today!  Everyone have a blessed day & and thanks for reading!

"No gains without pains." - Benjamin Franklin 

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