Post-Beach Life.

Can I begin with saying that I MISS THE BEACH!?!??!
Well, I do.  And I'm very sad without it.  
      [I videoed the waves coming in, & yes I have watched it several times since being back in MS!!]

Let me just start with last Wednesday:

I got off at 4:30 and RUSHED like a mad woman to my brother's mechanic shop.  Some of you know that a around a month ago I was trying to go to Amory for the weekend and I ended up stranded on the side of the highway, in the pitch black.  So, anyway, I just wanted to go to Kevin's shop to let him "check" and make sure everything still looked good before I hit the road again. 

After all was okay'd by my big brother, and I said my goodbyes to my parents and my precious furbabies- I hit the road wide open!  I made excellent timing and was at Tammy's house by 7:30!  She had cooked breakfast for dinner and had me a plate waiting.  Yes, she is that sweet.  We spent the remainder of the night packing her bags and making sure I had all I needed in mine.


Departure time- 5:00 A.M.   Normally I would be dead to the world and rather ill, BUT since I knew I was headed toward the beach I was NONE of the above.  I was wide awake around 3:30 that morning and set on go.  I wish now I would have taken a picture of the luggage we piled into Bridgett's car.  Let me just say- three women and a baby do NOT travel lightly. :)

We made a few stops along the road for gas/breakfast/bathroom breaks before deciding we were going to take an unplanned route.  We decided to head toward Dauphin Island and ride the Ferry boat across to Fort Morgan.  If you have never rode one of these, I encourage you to do so!

Sometimes when I get near beaches I tend to take on the traits of a child, and this was just my thing.  I had never rode one of the ferry boats before, and honestly did not know there was anywhere near here that allowed you to do it.  It has always been one of those things "in the movies.." ha!  But now, mark that off the bucket list! =)

This is a picture of the ferry..
Ferry Boat & Dauphin Island

It was SO much fun.  Along for this trip was Tammy, Bridgett, Landin, & myself.  [For those that do not know, these are all members of my ex-boyfriend's family, but we are friends outside of our relationship (or lack of)] 

Landin was eager to get on the "big boat" and ride & and honestly, I think I was about on his level as far as excitment goes.  I told you I'm a kid really.  
Tammy, Landin, Bridgett, & myself

Bridgett & me on the ferry!

I have to include one more picture from the ferry ride.  Bridgett snapped this photo of me & and it now known as my "free picture."  Without going into the whole ordeal of mine and the ex-boyfriend's situation, this trip was meant to be a "healing trip" for my broken heart.  She was snapping pictures left & right (like myself...) and she got this one and said immediately she knew I was feeling better about life (and him.)  So here it folks... I'm free. :)

Contining Thursday..
After a stop for lunch, we made it to the beach.  Instantly I could feel my whole entire body relax.   There is just something about me and the beach that makes that happen.  I always have & and always will say I was born to live on a beach. (And one day I will.. okay, maybe not.  BUT I WILL TAKE A LOOOOONG VACATION THERE YEARLY!)

Soon as we got there, we immediately walked straight to the water.  I mean where ELSE would you go!? =) While we were there I snapped a few pictures of Landin & this one just melted my heart... Just like HE does!


We did a few odd & end things until it was time for dinner.  Thursday night's choice: Bahama Bob's
I had ate here on my girl's beach trip back in 2009 & and fell in love with the place so I suggested we have dinner there.   It was equally as good again.  Two thumbs up to this place!  Check it out!  BTW- I linked it if you want to check our their website/menu.

After dinner we enjoyed a night in the hot tub.  Can we all say "Ahhhhhh...."  I seriously need a hot tub like that at my house.  I would turn into a wrinkled little old woman though because I'd overuse it, but hey.... =)

Thursday was a long, GOOD day... I was "at home"... I slept like a baby.

Shop 'til you drop!  That was our goal & and we accomplished it.  We got up early and hit the Tanger Outlets!  I got SO many good deals that I cannot possibly name them all here or you would be reading for awhile (and you already are since I don't know how to shut up.. )  They had everything marked so cheap in order to get rid of it and make room for the real "summer" things.  SCORE! 

Landin & myself while at Tanger!
We ended up doing a lot of shopping Friday so there's much else to "tell about"... except dinner.  OH.MY.GOSH.
LuLu's!  Okay, I usually don't go on and on and on about a restuarant, but people... GO THERE.   It seriously was one of the best experiences of my life as far as a restuarant/entertainment area goes. 

We ate, listened to a live band, played in a sand pile, danced with Landin AT THE STAGE, and took plenty of pictures.  (No I won't bombard you with all of those.. )  We were there for like almost 3 hours I believe.. I can't wait to go back! 

OH, and did I mention it was 81 degrees that day?? =)  We talked to people back home and they were all inside and freezing... we were in tank tops and enjoying life... :)  Another good day & another good night's sleep!


We got an early start that morning.  We were headed to Orange Beach to meet up with someone for lunch. She was a really sweet lady that knew Tammy from years ago and they wanted to have lunch and catch up while we were down.  So we traveled over and did that and did a little more shopping. 

When we got back to the hotel, we all changed into bathing suits and hit the beach!  The weather was WONDERFUL again.  Landin had a great time playing in the water/sand and I think we all took part in helping build him a huge sand castle.  Precious memories that I will hold for a lifetime. 

We spent a good while out there, and all ended up with a little sunburn- yes, sunburn in FEBURARY. =)

After that, more shopping! (yes, we did this a lot!) And then rode around just looking at the scenery.. and I captured our wore out little man... Isn't he precious?

We took an afternoon stroll on the beach, where I snapped this picture.  We were all looking for "tar balls" to bring home to show everyone.  [& sadly, yes they are still rolling onto the sand. ]

Let me take a mintute to talk about Tammy.  This woman is awesome.  I am here to tell you that if me and her goofy son EVER figure our lives out and end up together, then I will have the BEST mother-in-law a girl could ask for.  She has been there to listen/console/cry/& laugh with me through all of the issues between Anthony and myself.  She is an angel to me and I love her as my own.  We even actually refer to each other as such.  I can say without a doubt that this woman was meant to be in my life and will forever be an inspiration to me.

Saturday night's dinner: The Hangout.  Okay, I didn't link this one.  I was not impressed.  I have heard so many other people saying they were, but we just weren't.  Just word of advice: When you see the word "spud" there, please don't assume its a baked potato [LIKE THE REST OF THE WORLD..] because it isn't... Anyway, blah to the hangout.  We all dreamed of Lulu's again.. hehe!


The dreaded day- going home.  I always hate to go home from the beach...
It just makes me so SAD and down to see it on the last day. Anwyay, I snapped this..

Now, tell me how someone cannot LOVE the beach?  That's beautiful as it gets. 

We all had SUCH a good trip & and I believe we all grew even closer in our relationship.  I never imagined you could, but I think we did.  I know they are my ex-boyfriend's family, but they are one in the same to me.  Those two ladies have been there through lots of heartache with me.  I love each of them dearly..

Once I knew I was hours away from the beach, it sets in to just be home already.  When I got to mine (after being jumped on repeatedly (& peed on by Roxie) I got to see my beautiful Amish rocking chair I had been so eager to get prior to my trip. 


So, to sum all this up- I have had the time of my life with some of the sweetest people to enter my life.  I am so thankful for God to allow me all the opportunities that He does. 

Now, it is back to the real word, & yes I am already looking into plans of my next beach trip....

"Ain't life grand, sitting in the sand..." - Quote taken from a sign hanging in Lulu's :)

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