Been a surf the 'net type of day.

Hey ladies! :)

I promise I AM in fact still alive.  I just have not had the time to write lately.  I just checked & my last post was last Wednesday.  I AM slacking.    I didn't do much last week (worth blogging about anyway!) so I can't even remember a high point to tell you.

I admit lately my mind has been going in about 5 different directions and I honestly am mentally wore out! Lot of it has to do with [the situation] and my moving on process from him.  I don't care who they are, if you don't think an extended break up is hard on you, then you need to tell me what kind of medication you are on! ha!  I'm joking, kind of. :)

I'm STILL missing the beach, especially since all it can do now is rain here.  Have I mentioned how much I HATE rain? I know is is necessary and all that jazz, but this little girl just wants to crawl in bed and sleep until my friend, Mr. Sunshine, comes out again. =)

This is turning out to be a totally random post..... LOL.

On a much more serious note, I had to be off work this past Monday.  My aunt (on my dad's side) lost her husband.  It was such a sad day and truly makes you realize just how short life can be.  He was only 52 years old.  It honestly scares me to think about it much because that is younger than both my parents.  And to think of the day I lose either of them- I will be devastated. 

Now, back on a lighter note- Yesterday was my birthday!  27!  I think this will be my last one.. :)

Yours truly :)
My mom and dad took my out for dinner (and I stuffed myself completely!) and then I went and played with one of the best presents to ever come into my life.. JENNA! :)  I didn't have time for a photo shoot with her.  She was wound up and I took advantage of her being in SUCH a good mood and laughing and playing.  I am sure you know what she looks like by now anyway! :)

And for MY birthday, I want to say a big thank you to my wonderful parents. 

My precious daddy.

My #1 Fan- My mother!
 "You block your dream when you allow your fear to grow bigger than your faith."

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