Look up "slacker" in the dictionary and my picture will be shown next to it.  Or at least it should be.


Does that make it any better?  Yep, didn't figure so. 
Well, let's see- WHY haven't I blogged lately? Well, I honestly do not have a clear cut answer.  I have been here and there and everywhere in between it feels like for the past two weeks.  I am just slacked.  I can be honest. =)

You all should know that there will not be many posts without this face...

I love this little munchkin! =)  She is now 7 months old and just amazes me more every day at how much she is learning to do.  MELTS my heart. =)  She is sitting up all by herself, but hasn't crawled yet.  In fact, she doesn't act like she even wants to.  But that's okay- some babies don't.  In fact, I didn't!  If she can look like me, why not act like me too! ;)

Can you see me now?

Did you notice the Minnie Mouse pjs?  This child L-O-V-E-S Minnie Mouse.  She gets the biggest grin and laughs when she sees her.  Precious.  And yes, her first birthday party [which I am already buying for] will be done rightfully so in MM herself :)

Yes, she will kill me one day for this.

I laughed again just looking at this.  HA! Jenna LOVES the water too.  Mom was keeping her one day and needed to give her a quick bath so she threw her in the sink.  I saw it as an awesome opportunity for some future blackmail and spiked that hair up and made her look.  Wahlah! :)  Senior year ad maybe? :)

This is Jenna and my mother.  I honeslty don't know who loves who more... It is beyond sweet to watch them two together.

Okay, I'll hold off on the pictures for a few minutes & and update you otherwise.  I [sadly] do not have a picture of my next project(s).  Ever since the warm weather has come upon us, the yard sales have begun!

[insert BIG smiles here]

I have picked up two fabulous pieces that will soon be in my house!  I promise to get a picture of these and post them ASAP!  It turns out I have slacked taking pictures too! ha!
But in the meantime let's just say I need some scrapbook paper... and I have my Modge Podge ready to go!

This past weekend, other than yard sales, was the first tractor pull fun day of the year.  The first actual pull is not until May this year.  If you do not know me personally, and have no idea what I am talking about then feel free to jump to youtube and search for County Line Pullers.  This is my dad's passion for now and it has become a family thing.  My mom & I along with a friend are the "brains" and keep the men in line :)  Daddy and his friends spend hours working on these machines and then pull them down the track.  Like I said, you may have to just watch a video to understand.  I have several posted on there of my father. 

Meet Cash.  Or as I refer to him, "CASH MONEY! "  He is my dad's friends new pit.  He joined us at the tractor pull Saturday. =)  What a sweet baby he is! =)

Well, it is Monday and I need to do some actual work, so this is all for now folks. I promise I won't let another two weeks roll around before I post again.

"We must use time as a tool not as a couch."

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