It's me AGAIN...

I need a little vent session here, so what better way to do that than cheap therapy, aka BLOGGING.

First up, some of you know that I work at a bank, and if you don't- then I do :)  So get this: A customer pulls up (with their mother in the car) and is cashing a check.  Okay, cool.  Customer sees that I have a "new" pen in the drawer.  She asks if she can have one (all while rambling something about last time we didn't have any of the "white ones" and the "white ones are so much cuter than the blue ones"  Can you picture me rolling my eyes right now? Because that's exactly what I wanted to do.  So I tell her,yes, I'll give her a dang pen.  Then Mom speaks up.  She wants one too.   Great, it is suddenly Christmas time at my window...

So okay, I get done cashing this check and I reach over and grab two pens and throw it all in the drawer and whip it out.  Customer picks up the two pens I put in there and the one that was already in there and askes me how she is supposed to know which ones are the "unused ones."  Are you freaking kidding me?  My answer: "I have no idea, I guess you won't ever really know. Just take all three."  Customer: No, I don't want to be greedy.  

Sure you don't.


These people walk and drive among you... remember that.   And speaking of, during my lunch hour this idiot came over into MY lane and about knocked me into the on-coming traffic. 


And if you cannot tell I'm in a bad funk today.  Certain people are getting on my nerves, basically just by breathing (harsh, I know) and some are just rubbing me the wrong way.  My mind is all boggled with a lot of just crap going on and I am tired of thinking. 

Beach in 5 weeks.   Thank goodness before someone gets slapped.

Thanks loves... I feel better now.

Watch out for the idiots. 


  1. Love this! Sorry you are having a bad day! My husband works in bank so we always have interesting stories!

  2. When you come up in a few, I'll give you a hug! Sounds like you need it :) Of course, it'll be the imaginary kind; you know I'm not a touchy-feely kind of person!

  3. ok, pool is for the kids, and no- you may not drown anyone

  4. Hopping from Six in the Nest. Follow me too?


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