Monday, Monday, Monday... Monday....!!!!!!!!

It is SO Monday, can I get an Amen?

I wish I was at home with that baby girl.  I snapped that picture this weekend.  I was lying on the couch reading my book and I looked up and she was doing some lounging herself.  Of course, she was keeping an eye out the door... :)

This weekend was good. I didn't do much to tell about though.

Friday night, my mom kept Jenna (big surprise, right?) and so I stayed at her house until Jenna went to bed.  Then I traveled home and read some of the book and went to bed myself. 
OH, and completely forgot to watch My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding.  I'm ticked at myself on that one.  Yes, Really.

Saturday mornings are usually yard sales, but since Mom had kept Jenna the night before, I slept in a little.  Okay, so it was 8 when I got up, but that is still an extra little bit than I'm used to.  I went back to Mom's house (for those of you who don't know, my house is less than a mile from hers) and played with Jenna some.  I asked mom if she wanted to try and go to some yard sales and see anyway, so we did.  We all three loaded up and went yard saling.  I gotta break her in early, right? :)

She had a ball under her dress.  So we told her she had a baby in her tummy, LOL!
We spent most of the day Saturday just being lazy until we cooked lunch.  We had cabbage soup, taco cassreole, fried squash/zuchinni, mac and cheese, and cucumbers.  Yes, it was quite an assortment.. but it was oh so tasty!

Okay, now I'm hungry... Great.

Now, ladies don't think I'm nuts, but let me tell you about Saturday night.  My mom and I are just crazy.  If you know us in real life you can testify to that.  If you have ever seen us hyper, you know.  If you've ever seen us crazy AND hyper together: WATCH OUT

So, we are always joking that one day we were going to go sit at Walmart and just watch people.  Is that creeperish?  Heck, if you lived in this little town you would totally understand the joy it is to "people make up fun of watch".  Well Saturday night Mom and I went to get something to eat at Sonic since daddy left us and went to a tractor pull.  We were getting our food and got the idea that we were going to do our Walmart idea, for real. 

So we did.

No, I'm not kidding.

I won't tell you how long we were there.

But let me say this...


I definetly had such a good time.  There aren't many people who can do things like this with their mothers and it be entertainment for real.  I am so glad she is my mom.  I love you Kathy!

After that I went home and read some more.  Gosh, I sound like such a grandma...

Anyway, Sunday was church and it was honestly the best service I have EVER in my ENTIRE life sat through.  The entire time I kept thinking to myself that I was so glad I was there that morning.  Let me just say this, when Bro. Randy completely stops a sermon and hits his knees and the entire church goes into tears and you can feel God in that place... THAT is a church service.    Thank you Lord for giving me this experience.  It was truly moving.. TRULY.  I looked around and not a dry eye in the house.  God was WORKING at Oakland yesterday.  For real.

The rest of the day was spent being lazy and then visiting a friend who just moved into a new house... so nothing much to talk about. 

It was a wonderful weekend with my family and I am so very thankful for these moments in life.  That's why I take a million pictures people... you can't get the moments back, but you can capture a second of it. :)

I'm going to close out today with s one more picture of my Jenna bugg.

Now tell me my niece isn't beautiful and I will hurt you.   This kid melts my heart and soul. 

"The love of a family is life's greatest blessing."


  1. Goodness she is SO CUTE! :-) Sounds like you had a great weekend!

  2. Don't hit me, she looks more like her mother now. That is as opposed to you, but most people probably say she looks like you.

  3. awww! what a cutie :) sounds like a great weekend girl! love this blog!

  4. YUM!! Your food looks absolutely amazing. My stomach is growling already!!

  5. why does any post about food make me hungry?

    xo monica your blog


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