Making A Comeback.

I am alive. 

It has been a wild last few days.  I am sorry I left my little blog friends hanging. 

Trust me, I've had a withdrawal spell a few times! =)

Isn't she breathtaking? :)

Let's see... I have not blogged since last WILW post, so let me see if I can catch you up a little..

Thursday- I was busy at work.  I guess it was due to people coming and getting money or whatever to prepare for the weekend and the holiday.  Just an abnormally busier Thursday.  So Boo to not getting to blog.  BUT after work Danielle and I took a spur of the moment trip to Chili's. 

Yes I had a margarita.

And yes, I needed it.

We are always trying to get away and do something and I guess us being spontaneous about it is what allowed it to happen.  Anyway, it was a good time, except for the girl staring at me, BUT we won't go there. :) HA!

Friday- The day I have dreaded so long.  When you work in a bank or know someone who does then you understand what the 1st, 3rd, and Friday means.  But when you roll all that into one day and it happens to fall on a Friday before a long, holiday, weekend then you are in for a heap of trouble.  So anyway, that day came and went.  It was rocky, but I managed.  And I'm choosing to leave any other memories of it just gone now.  I don't like thinking about busy/bad days.

I had plans to drive to Aberdeen that night, but the more I thought about it the more I thought I'd wait and make the drive early Saturday morning.  Well, crazy Kayla, decided at 8:00 to leave Corinth.  So yes, I made the drive in the dark.  Something I never do.  (Since my break down on the side of the highway... ugh.)  But I made it and all was well.  Tammy and I sat up until almost 1:30 talking about things in life.  I think I kind of vented on her, bless her heart.   And yeah, I saw him.

Saturday- After having only like 3 hours of sleep (I was on the phone with him all night... Yes, he called me after he left seeing me.  Weirdo.) I got up and went outside.  We sat and talked about stuff and watched Landin playing on his swingset.  I am realizing right now I didn't get a picture of this!?!?!? Stupid me!

Anyway, I finally got up and got ready while Bridgett and Landin got ready themselves.  We headed over to Kim's house and enjoyed some good family time.  We also got into a photo shoot with the girls.  Daylee is my cousin's daughter and of course I'm sure you all know Jenna by now.  Isn't this sweet??

Looks like they are having their own little conversation.. Aw!

The family.  Plus him.

Miss Priss Pot.

After we got back from the cookout, we went to the drive in movie.  I really don't know where I was.. somewhere in Alabama.. but it was fun!!!! =)  We watched Transformers and then Hangover 2.  Let me tell you, I have not laughed that hard in a long, long time.  And it was NICE.

Sunday- This was lazy day.  We literally laid around and watched movies.  And we watched all the previous Twilight movies and now I want to see Breaking Dawn even worse, if that's possible!!?

I got up and at 8:00 drove back to Corinth, in the dark...again.   The only good thing about this trip was I got to see lots of fireworks while I was driving down the highway.  But the CRAZY people were on the road with me.. jeez.

Monday- I slept in a little bit and then got up and did some cleaning around the house to get ready for this week.  The laundry and dishes don't care that its a holiday, sadly! :)  After I got all that done, Mom came by my house and picked me up and then we went and picked Jenna up.  We spent the afternoon playing outside and just enjoying family time.
I had painted her toenails pink a few weeks ago, so it was time to re-do them.  This time we opted for orange.  So sweet :)

We watched "Pop Pop" work on his tractor while we laid in the hammock and enjoyed the breeze.  Just so happens that my dad's shop is where my grandmother's house used to stand.  July 4th is my grandmother's birthday so it kind of felt right to be sitting there, thinking about her.  She would have turned 90 years old yesterday. 

I still miss her like crazy.

Giving Pop Pop some sugar :)  Too sweet.
So all in all, I had a wonderful holiday weekend.  I hope you did too!! And from the looks of it you all did!  I'm sorry if I didn't get as many comments out as I should have.  After being off blog for 4 days, I just couldn't comment on everyone's... but I loved your posts!!! =)

See ya tomorrow lovies!!!


  1. I'm staring at you RIGHT NOW! ;)

  2. I love the pictures! so sweet! My husband was saying his bank was MADNESS on Friday! Glad I was at home! :)


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