WILW and other Wednesday fun!


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I'm loving... that it's already Wednesday!!! Short weeks are my fave.  And this one is going to be even shorter for me!  I'm off Friday.  **Raise the roof!!**  Yes, I just said that. :) I'm having a yard sale Friday, so I won't be at work.  But trust me, I'll be WORKING.   In the hot.  ugh.... But that's $$$$$ :)

I'm loving... my precious niece, Jenna.  Please excuse my raunchy look.  This was Monday and I was more concerned with laying in the hammock than being pretty.  I wasn't expecting to take pictures.. but hey! You do crazy stuff for this little lady.

I'm loving... THIS PICTURE.  Caylee did NOT get justice yesterday.  I don't care if you agree or disagree with me on this one.  That precious child was murdered by her mother and now that disgusting excuse for a mother is going to walk free.  I made this picture bigger so you can see the writing on it.  It reads: Justice has failed.  But Judgement Remains.  SO TRUE
Did you have your porch light on at 9:00pm last night?  I did.

I'm loving... that one week from right now my tail will be in a car headed to the beach.  Ah, yes.  Life. Will. Be. Good. =)

I'm loving...that I have such an amazing support system of friends and family.  God truly blessed me. 

I'm loving... my little gift from Cassie.  I mean what else can I say?  It is SO true for me, 365 days a year I am thinking exactly that. :)  It is a magnet and I have it proudly stuck up at my desk here at work :)

I'm loving... that I finished The Help.  This was hands down one of the best books I've read in a long time.  Hillary had told me that when I started reading it and I agree 110% with her!  If you haven't read it, or didn't plan to, I encourage you too.  Seriously.

I'm loving... that I started my "beach book" already.  I know, I was supposed to wait until I was AT the beach to read this, but Hillary has also gave it such good reviews I wanted to start it sooner.  I think Hillary is my book guru :)   Anyway, the "beach book" is ironically called On Folly Beach and so far I LOVE IT.  26 pages into it and I was crying.  I know, I'm a wimp. 

So, now it's your turn.... what are YOU loving today???

Now it's time to link up with Mamarazzi!
{1}Name five of your favorite new blogs that you're reading.

It is hard to pick just 5, but let's see...
1- the delighted.
2- analyze this.
3- Happy Home
4- More Sweet Tea Please?
5- Sarcasm & Curls

You ladies all rock! :) And I totally hope none of you minded that I just linked you!

{2} When you were a young child or teenager, did you have an idea of how many children you wanted and what their names would be? Did you follow through on your ideas?

When I was small I thought I wanted two kids.  A boy and then a girl.  Growing up with two older brothers, I always had the idea that I'd want my baby girl to have a big brother to depend on like I have been fortunate enough to experience.  I currently do not have any children, but do hope one day that I can at least have one.  As far as names go, yes and no.  My family is a "K" family for the most part, so I'll be staying within that.  I just gotta make up my mind, but I've got time! :)

{3} "What is the silliest thing you fight with someone about? Could be your spouse, sibling, parents, co-worker etc."

Whose side of the bed it is.  That's all I'm going to say. LOL. It's not even worth my telling.

{4} What is your favorite scent that other's may not find very nice? ie: gasoline, sweat from your sweetie, etc.

Odd, when I was reading the question the first thought popping into my head was sweat from someone I'm into.  It's too gross to really think about, but it is true for me.

{5} Thoughts on Plastic Surgery? (had it? want it? regrets?)

If you want to do it, go ahead.  It's not for me. 


  1. Thanks, Kayla!!!!!!! I think it rocks!

  2. I loved The Help!!! Such a good book. I hope you enjoy your beach vacation. Love your blog, too cute!!

  3. Happy Wednesday, friend! :-) I can't wait to see pics from your beach trip!!! And thanks for linking me!!!! You're too sweet!!!!

  4. I need to read The Help, I've been hearing so much about it! xoxo

  5. Good luck on your yard sale!!!


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