10 Day Challenge- Day 4.

Seven Wants.
1.  A happy, healthy, thriving marriage. SOMEDAY.

2.  A new SUV.  I have several that I'm liking these days, but my top pick would be the new Jeep.  I am a Jeep girl. =)

             Oh yeah baby, come to mama...

3.  A new good pair of jeans.  Fall will be here before we know it and I want a good, new pair. 

4.  Too see my old friends from Oxford all at once!!! Ladies, can we have a date soon?  I say we hit up Nashville to see Lacey loo... Is my roomie in on this?  I know you are reading.. ;) 

5.  To get better about saving money.  Like for real.  I think I need some Dave in my life..

6.  To lose this extra 5 lbs.  It is STUCK.

7.  To see Jason.  I mean this not getting to see him thing is bothering me... LOL.

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