It's OK....

One of my fave blogs is also starting up a new link up. So here goes ladies... And be sure and go on over and check out Neely's page.  She is too cute!

Its Ok Thursdays

It's OK.... that I really, really, really dislike some people.  Some people just need to be disliked I think. 

It's OK.... that I am already planning my next year's vacation. 

It's OK...that I move on from people who have brought me down for far too long.

It's OK... to not always tell the whole truth! =)

It's pull your hair up in a messy bun  It's HOTT.

It's OK... to stalk Facebook. 

It's OK... to cry over sad commericials.  Hey, I have a soft heart... so?.

Link up!


  1. Oh my goodness, I could NOT agree with the first one anymore. I think we are in the same boat on that one, sister.

  2. I cry over sad commercials all the time!!!!!!!

  3. I cry over the SPCA commercials EVERY TIME!!

  4. ugh... I can't watch any of the commercials about animals!

  5. omg i def understand girl :) great post! ps love your blog too!

  6. I totally rock the sexy, messy bun every day of my life! Thanks for linking up :)

  7. I love your list! I really really dislike some people too and you know what! ITS OK! :) Thanks for linking up girl!


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