Hey sweetie, It's OK....

                                 Its Ok Thursdays

Thursdays are becoming one of my fave blog days too.  I'm going to link up with the fabulous Neely and Amber again.  You totally should too,  just sayin. :)

It's OK.....

That I really, really am ready for this party to be over.  The stress is gonna kill me.

That I planned the whole party and she isn't my kid, right?

That I still stalk some ex-boyfriends on facebook.

That I just admitted the above. :\

That some people just truly make me want to throw something at them, and hit them.

That I pulled out a cd holder of old cd's... and I'm jamming them like its new stuff.

To not want to be friends with some people anymore.

To go to bed at 9:00 every night.

To truly miss my Oxford days.

To turn off Facebook for a whole day... let's see how far this goes.

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  1. So true story, I could have written almost all of these. Hope the party goes well!

  2. LOL!! I think every woman in America stalks or has stalked their ex-boyfriends on Facebook. It's really Okay :)

  3. I'm visiting from Neely's page- I'm a fb stalker too- isn't that the point?! It's OK!

  4. i think facebook stalking is NORMAL! haha or were all weird. enjoy your margarita and margarita cupcakes! :)

  5. haha stalking ex boyfriends is a MUST ;-) I still do it too! hahaha it's always entertaining!

  6. I wish I went to bed at 9 gosh

  7. FB stalking is totally okay! :)


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