Bachelor Pad returned last night and boy did it!  I sat there just laughing through tons of it.

This whole Jake/Vienna/Kasey thing is going to get old fast though.  Someone just needs to punch Vienna in the face, send lover boy Kasey after her to "guard her heart" and Jake can come wisk me away in his airplane.  yep. :)

He is still easy on the eyes. 

And Kasey's voice is still driving me insane. 
    [Dear Kasey, please stop talking.. K thanks.]

First up, let me discuss Holly and Michael. 

These two need to just get back together.  I mean they are precious together.  But...

Miss Holly is going to have a thing for good ole Blake...

And I don't blame her.. ONE STINKIN' BIT.  He is too yummy. =)

This is going to be interesting to see how this plays out.  At least we know (from the preview of the season) we will see at least one kiss from Michael and Holly. 

Now, one of my fave girls is baaaaaack!

Someone please tell me why this goddess is single?  I mean I think I have a girl crush on her.  She has always been one of my faves on the show and I am SO excited to see her back for another round of BP.  (And with no Wes to distract her this time...)

Anyone who watched this all play out last night knows that this is going to be one interesting season of BP2, so hang on girls and boys- the drama starts now!!!

Oh, and here is Chris Harrison's blog if you want to see what he had to say about it all! 

So, who else watched and what are your thoughts???????

P.S.- If you love a giveaway, jump over and check Cait out.  She is precious and has a seriously good giveaway going! 

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