Whew!  This week is flying on by!  And I sure am glad!!!  Ya'll be sure and jump over to Jamie's page and check her out.  And link up.  WILW is my fave day to blog! :)

I'm loving... that this weekend is Jenna's 1st Birthday!!!!  And yes, I'm glad that it will be over just as much.  I have completely stressed myself out over this party and making sure all is taken care of.  But she is worth it... I guess ;)

I'm loving... that me and Lacey have been emailing this week!  Miss you Lacey Loo! :)

I'm loving... Mio sweet tea.  It is SO freaking good.  And I'm not normally one of those people who likes things added to my water.  But, MM! :)

Elephant Dress
I'm loving... this dress.  I want it to.  Someone needs to take a hint!

I'm loving.. a special gift that I got in the mail.  I will be blogging about that on Monday, the 15th! Yes, you have to wait and see... :)

I'm loving... that I got off work yesterday to find out we were having a surprise family dinner!   Grilled hamburgers and hot dogs.  Mmm! :) 

I'm loving... that I get to have a baby shower in a few months for Alicia!  I can't wait for Ali Beth to get here!!!!!!!!!

I'm loving... THIS WEDDING DRESS.  But no, I won't be wearing black on my wedding day. 

What is is with me and the weddings??

So... what are you pretty ladies loving today?? :)


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