No real post from me today lovies!

I worked the election polls yesterday, so I am catching up on all you lovely ladies! =) And I'm still tired so I'm lazy.

But I am going to take time for a WILW :)
Don't forget to go link up with Jamie!!!!!

I'm loving... how true this is!!! =)

I'm loving... this idea.  SO DOING IT.  
         [Need to stop planning my one day wedding...]

I'm loving... this bombshell!  I collect Marilyn Monroe stuff for anyone who doesn't know.... And I totally need to get my Home Tour pictures done. 

Well, that's all today ladies! It's back to reading your stuff for me!!!!

**Thank you Pinterest for making today's WILW easy for this lazy gal.**


  1. i am regretting i didnt do that wedding dress idea (thanks pinterest) & marilyn monroe-is beautiful.

  2. I am completely a marilyn monroe girl!!!! i have tons of stuff but I have been getting rid of some of it! Happy Wednesday!


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