I'm crazy...

Hey ladies!!!! Let me start off with telling you I have had a fabulous weekend!  This was Countrywood yard sale weekend.  For those of you who do not know what that is- it is my fave sale of the year.  It is Cordova, TN and it is literally two neighborhoods that save this one weekend all year for one massive sale for whoever wants to participate.   So in other words, it is a yard sale heaven.  =) 

If I sat here and named off all I got you would be bored, BUT IMPRESSED.  But I don't think I am going to.  I honestly can't think of it all... yes, that much.  :)   But just know I had an absolutely fabulous time and I can't wait for next year's fiasco already! :)

Now check out this sweet picture.  I apologize about it being a little blurry. 

Sweet Sweet Kisses.
I love that little girl, in case some of you hadn't already figured that out!   I kept her for awhile Thursday before going home to pack and we had a ball playing.

Now speaking of us playing.. I also kept her a little while yesterday and she was in an extra playful mood.  When I got out there she was dressed in jeans.  Now let me just say, she looks cute in ANYTHING she has on.. but these jeans were absolutely precious! 

And her butt....  Well, see for yourself....

She will kill me for taking a picture of her butt one day when she is older and finds out.. but isn't it cute?  I told her don't worry, the boys are gonna like it!  Her daddy didn't appreciate that comment very much. ha!

Now... I gotta show ya'll something.  I liked those jeans so much I decided to try them on myself.  Yep you heard me right.
It was absolutely hilarious!  I didn't think they would do anything but go over my feet.. but walah!  Here we are with me sporting some 18 month jeans, HAHAHAHA!

I told ya'll I'm crazy.. :)


  1. She does have a cute litle butt!

  2. She does have a cute litle butt!

  3. hahahah!!! I love you!!! I have missed you...I am glad to be home from vacation! You will have to inbox me on facebook and tell me some of your goodies! Next year maybe I can meet you at this massive yardsale! It sounds amazing!!! ;)


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