Today I am going to talk about a love story.

This is my grandmother and grandfather when both were still living and very much in love.  

Although I never met my grandfather, I have heard nothing but wonderful things about him and his relationship with my grandmother.  He was a devoted Christian man who adored my grandmother and their children.  He was a hard worker who never thought twice about making the sacrifices needed to make sure his family was provided for and happy.  

My grandmother was a stay at home wife and mother who worked hard to make sure "her part" of their lives were maintained as well.   She was a devoted Christian woman who raised her children proudly.  

Together they did what needed to be done, they talked their issues out, they worked past life's obstacles with their trust in God.  

They are the couple I am striving to be.  They are the picture perfect idea of what I want my life to be like with someone.

So you may ask why I am writing this stuff, why now, what prompted all this love talk, is there a new guy in my life?


I am not quite ready to be sharing the details on it, but I do feel like I owe my friends this little tidbit.  

I'll be posting a little more of this as I feel more comfortable with laying it all out there on the line, but for now I'm asking you lovely ladies to keep me in mind during your prayers and pray this wonderful fella and me work out. :)  Because your girl Kayla is totally liking him...... :)

And that feels SO wonderful to say. 

                               Yep, she has him handcuffed.  

                                   Mamaw was a cool cat. 

Think new guy is okay with me handcuffing him for our Christmas picture this year? hehe!



  1. I love old love stories so much. Ah, this was awesome.

  2. It's amazing to see that True love really does exist, in spite of all the bad things that surround us. There is hope :)! Thank you for sharing this and good look with the fella ;)

  3. Your grandparents are ADORABLE..LOVE the handcuffs picture, too funny! And UMMMM YAY NEW BOY!!! That is SO EXCITING!!! :-) I can't wait to hear some more details... ;-)

  4. I love this story!!! i can't wait to hear about your new guy! will be praying for you! :)


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