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I'm loving... these mini muffins.  I have been eating them for breakfast again lately.  I used to always eat these things when I was in high school.  Only problem is that the fat kid in me could honestly eat two packages every morning.. HA! Don't worry.. I don't actually do it..

I'm loving... Blake Shelton's God Gave Me You.  You can find the lyrics here.  This song is pulling at the ole heart strings.. and making me think of a certain new someone! ;)

I'm loving... my phone.  I've used this one before but I mean it.  Without "my baby" I would be one lost little girl... ha!

I'm loving... that I got to visit with Roxie's mama last night.  For those of you who don't know, Trixie (her mama), belongs to some of our family sooooo last night we just randomly took a drive and stopped in to see her.  I really want to take Roxie to visit sometime and see if they "know each other" still since she hasn't seen Trixie in 2 1/2 years.   Also I was lucky enough to see Roxie's sister.  (Who goes by "Puppy" haha)

I'm loving... that we took little Princess for a ride last night.  I'm not sure I have mentioned Princess on the blog yet, but she just walked up to my parents' house and just made herself at home.  We, of course, took her in.  But every single time we leave in the car she howls like she is upset.  So last night I told her to get in and there she hopped in.  Look how happy she is.   Now I just gotta give her a bath.  I've waited to let her "warm up to us" before I put her through that but I think she is ready.  She is older and SUCH a gentle dog.   Yay for Princess!

I'm loving... that my brother and sister in law are at the zoo right now with Jenna bugg.  I bet she is going to have a blast today looking at all the animals.  I can't wait to start getting some pictures from them! (I'll share....)

I'm loving... that in November we are having girls' night with some of the girls from work.  Headed to the Reba concert!!!!!

I'm loving... this picture of my baby doll and me.  This was last September.  Can't believe how fast time is going!  

I'm loving... the new crush! 

Everyone have a blessed day!


  1. Aww...Princess looks so sweet :)!

  2. Happy Wednesday!! I love those muffins- they are great!! :) and that Blake Shelton song is awesome....Matt has learned it on the guitar! It makes me happy!

  3. Princess looks similar to Champ. Go look...see?

  4. ohhh tell us more about the crush. I used to love Odis Spunkmeyer muffins in hs till I realized how many calories they had. EEEEPPP!! So I stopped eating them. Muffins are super yum though.

  5. Princess is precious! I'm hoping that one day a "Princess" will wander up to our house because my husband will not let me get another dog! Check out my blog for a fall/Halloween headband giveaway for dogs (the model is a dachshund!)


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