IT'S OK................

                         Its Ok Thursdays
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IT'S OK.....

That I am in a giggly mood today.... I got my reasons! =)

That I got up extra early this morning, FOR those reasons.. and they don't even happen until tonight. ha!

That I may have a certain song on repeat in my car..

That I am NOT looking forward to tomorrow at work.  Boo to the 1st of the month!

IT'S OK.....

That I am looking forward to the weekend.

That I think about kidnapping Jenna from time to time.... kidding of course... sort of :)

That my ex's wedding is this coming weekend and I hope he falls or something... I know, I know.

That my dogs truly got on my nerves last night.  I love them but sometimes I just want to scream.

Now go link up and tell me what you are loving!!!! =) 


  1. made me laugh out loud!!! ;)

  2. Your niece is so cute and I have a doxie too! Your's are just too cute!

  3. Our dogs would get along well I think...mine have been driving me INSANE. I love them but just don't get their behavior sometimes...I guess that's why they're dogs ;-) haha And I'm SO excited for you and your new crush...that's always SO EXCITING!!! And as for the ex...ummm it's totally ok to wish he falls ;-) haha


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