F is for Friday and F YOU!!!!!!!

I feel so freaking behind.

Oh, wait.  I am

I'm a terrible blogger. 

I'm a terrible reader.

I have slacked.  TONS. 

Forgive me? 

I think this is the perfect time for me to jump right into today's blog... and who else would I be linking up to but one of my besties! BOOBIES!

So, who do I want to scream this at today?  Well, everything that has had me off track with this blog.  I just been in this funk and didn't know what I wanted to talk about.  I know you all want to know about the crush situation, but until I can put my foot down that it's going to be something worth my explaining, I'm just not going to go there.

But, I will tell you this much:  I'm smiling.  A whole lot.  And he is the reason.

Yes, that's really all I'm telling you... for now. :)

So... back to the topic...

  • To the idiot ex-boyfriends of the world.  ( I WILL be posting about this one SOON.)
  • To the slow drivers of my little podunk city.  SOME OF US HAVE TO BE BACK AT WORK SO MOVE YOURSELF FAST!!!!!!!!!!!
  • To people who think they have the right to say whatever they want to me with absolutely ZERO respect. 
  • To people who cannot put down their cell phones long enough to talk to me... AT WORK.  Where I'm handling YOUR business, remember..
  • To AT&T for making me miss a VERY IMPORTANT TEXT MESSAGE from my new man.  And yes, I seen it with my own eyes that it was "sent" from his phone.. but never got to me.  Stupid.
  • To Expedia for the non-English speaking man trying to say I was LYING.  Um, hello.  Do they know who they just messed with?
  • To whatever is making my right eye very uncomfortable...
  • To back pain.
  • To lazy people.
  • To nosey people.
I'm kind of thinking I need to stop.  I'm not in the absolute best mood today.. You noticed, I'm sure. :)

BUT, on a good note.  I am heading out with Whitney right after work today.  We are going to Birmingham to spend the night.  She has something she needs to do in the morning and I'm just tagging along! [Insert Facebook stalking time..]

Speaking of Facebook... I deleted 123 people the other night.  And I'm thinking I should do another round of clean up.  There are just so many people on my list that I either WAS friends with at some point, NEEDED to be friends with (college days..), or felt like I HAD to be friends with... and I'm over it.  I want those that I actually like and talk to on there and that's it.  I know my page is being creeped on by some NOSEY FOLKS who want to start some drama and I'm about to cut their supply off, with a devilish smile of course. :)

Ladies and any gentlemen who might read this, I hope you all have a fabulous weekend!  I'll have a long weekend because we are closed Monday so I'm sure I'll have a big post Tuesday!  Enjoy!

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  1. I have been in the same funk! I don't know what is wrong with me!! so don't feel bad! I hope you have a fantastic weekend! ;)


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