I have to apologize for my LACK of blogging.  I am kind of almost in a funk, with not much to say.  Well, that I can say yet. ha!

Don't forget to jump over to Jamie's page and play along today!

I'm loving... this picture of Nana K & Jenna.  Mom got the release from the doctor last Thursday, so she is back on her feet and able to pick up J-bugg anytime she wants.  Yeah, she never lets her down now.  

I'm loving... that the crush situation is still trucking right along!  =)  And yes, I will make a post on this soon. 

I'm loving... that Jenna had a good time at PopPop's tracter pull this past Saturday.  She loves to watch them all and makes the "brrr" noise to go along with it, too cute.

I'm loving... my new co-worker.  She has me rolling in the floor laughing.. like a lot.  

I'm loving.. this face & this shirt.   That's my girl.  All the way. 

Short and sweet I know... but that's all for today for me lovies!!!!!


  1. Love it! And ummmm crush post needs to happen SOOON!!!! I'm dying to hear some details woman!!!!

  2. That shirt is TOO CUTE!
    And I do think we need details on this crush soon!!


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