I GOT...

A whole lot to discuss with you today.

So I'm going to do the nerdy awesome thing I always do... MAKE A LIST!

Let's start with Friday night's dinner with Vickie & Cristy.  I'm not sure if I've ever mentioned either of them on here before, so a little background:  I worked with them for 2 years when I was working at JCPenney (Prior to moving to Oxford for Ole Miss).  They are two of the sweetest people I've ever met in my life and it literally hurt my heart as much as my feelings to leave them when I did.  So now we try and get together every so often (not near as much as we should) and keep up with each other's lives.  So Friday night was the chosen night. 

It was so good to be back with them and just sit and laugh for a couple hours.  We always have certain topics we discuss and this time it was nothing short of fantastic.  So after 3 hours, I went home.  Then my sweet new guy came over to spend some time with me.  We had planned on watching Paranormal Activity 1 because as much as the PA3 previews are scaring the crap out of me, I want to watch all three movies now. 

Keep in mind, I have not watched a scary movie in 3 years now.  So now I'm big and bad and want to be a big girl....  yeah right.

So anyway, I stayed out with the girls a little longer than I planned so once he got there it was a little late for us to starting to movie such as PA.  (And he had to work the next morning..) So we ended up just watching some shows on TV and talking.  There are so many things to learn about a person in the first stages of a new relationship and we are just coasting our way through those still. 

And yes, he is still dreamy.  :)

The odd thing about Friday night was that I was FREEZING.  To the point of my putting on socks, and just let me tell you.  Kayla doesn't like socks so you know I was cold. 

Saturday was my normal, get up and go yard sale looking.  But then that afternoon I met up with Cassie and her friend Whitney at the movies to watch Abduction.  It was a good movie!  Sorry, Cassie, that his shirt stayed on... I know you were ready for more skin-action than you seen. 

After I got home from the movie, I laid down for a little bit because my head was feeling a little odd.  Then it got worse.  I was suddenly freeeeezing again.  So I cranked the heat right back up.  And this is going to sound strange, but if I held my head as normal then I was fine, but the slightest look down and it felt like all this pressure was in my forehead.  It was by far the strangest thing.  So, I decided to take the rest of the day easy.  I got myself a shower, tried to eat, and then laid back down.   In the meantime, "B" had been texting me and asked me if needed anything.  I assured him that I didn't and I was fine, really.

[Insert mushy moment.]  

He SHOWED UP at my house.  Yes, I was in skanky clothes with wild hair and no make-up.  He freaking SHOWED UP on my doorstep with 1. a bottle of Ibuprofen (because I had told him I was out..) 2. A bottle of water AND a bottle of Dr. Pepper because "I didn't know which you preferred to take your Ibuprofen with" and 3. a Get Well card. 

The spread.  Notice it is addressed to my nickname, "Baby K".



Sweetest card of my life.
You see, we have this joke between us that Saturdays are our "days off" from each other.  I get up early and hit yard sales and usually want to come home and crash for a nap.   He wakes up and goes to work and then comes home to engage in football all day long.   So we just joke that we will never have plans for Saturdays.  (Not sure how we are going to get married one day... HAHAHAHAHAHHAHA! Kidding.)

So, you see what he wrote in that card.  That is because when he kept repeatedly asking me if I needed anything and I kept telling him no and trying to convince him to enjoy his football day, then that's his final word.   Yes, I said he got the final word.  I read it and cried.  I know it's a "joke" with us, but that was super sweet to me.

I spent the rest of the night just being lazy and enjoying my Dr. Pepper.  Crazy side note: I was sitting there CRAVING a Dr. Pepper when he showed up.  I'm telling you.. he is in my head sometimes. :)

Sunday morning, I was bad and didn't go to church.  I woke up a little too late to get ready and I knew mom was at work and I didn't want to go alone.  So I rolled back over.  I know, terrible.   But it kind of worked out.  Jennifer was sick so I went and picked up Jenna and kept her while Jennifer got some rest.

We did what any good aunt does with her sweet niece.   We had a photo shoot! :)

Now, first let me refresh you on Jenna's reaction to a pumpkin last year...

Epic Fail.
So, let's be honest.  I was a tad scared to try this child again.  BUT, October is my fave month.  It is my fave holiday coming around the corner, and by golly this girl was going to pose by a pumpkin. 

So here are our results..

And right in the middle of our photo shoot, guess who showed up..

Nana K! :)
All in all I think she did better this year.  But don't think the photographer didn't get a picture with Miss Priss... oh, I did!
Needless to say, I had a good day with my beautiful niece, and again I thank God for placing her in our lives. 

Now, onto last night.  I decided to start watching The Walking Dead.  No, I do know know what is wrong with me.  That's not my typical show, at all.  But last night was the Season 2 premiere and now I'm hooked.    Jeez....

And last but certainly NOT least.. My sweet sweet sweet friend Megan and I decided to do a little goodie swap among ourselves.  Megan was kind enough to do one of my guest posts when I was gone to Gatlinburg last month, so you may recognize her blog around here.  

I'm SO thankful for "blogland" bringing me a friend like Megan.  She truly is a sweetie and I look forward to reading her posts and seeing what she has to say. 

Sorry for the crappy Iphone picture.
It included:
1. A pretty gift bag.  Megan told me she has a thing for gift bags.  And oddly, so do I!
2. Black and white coffee mug.  And I'm not sure even knows I HAVE to have my coffee.
3. Journal - Going to talk about this one in a second... ;)
4. Neutrogena Make Up Remover sheets- freaking aahhhhhmazing!
5. Jelly beans- they were good.  Yes, I said "were"... they are no longer with us.. ;)
6. Decorative napkins- what a fun idea!!!!!!
7. Magnetic shopping list for the fridge.  She is too good.  Mine shed it's last page not too long ago!
8. Peacock earrings!  I am SOOOO excited to wear these the first time.  (Will post pics!)
9. Cross.  It turns out Megan collects crosses... and so do I! :)  I have this one added to my wall, but sadly forgot to get the picture.  I will be posting that soon too!
10. Kitchen gadget.  I'm not sure what the real name of him is, but he is for pulling the casserole dish to the front of the oven.  I can SO see me using this.  I always am a chicken about sticking my hand up in the oven. 

I told ya'll she was great! Aren't you jealous she is my friend, hehe!!!  JK!
Now, let me explain that journal thing.  Megan, I hope you approve of this!

I have a plan for mine.  A plan to pass it on.  I'm going to be "that girl" who gets mushy on ya.  I am going to write in it for the purpose of one day giving it to B.  I know this is crazy, but I think he is "THE ONE" for me.. and if I'm right then this is the start of a very beautiful thing. 

My plan is to start writing in it now.  I want to cover how we met, what I felt before/after meeting, what those first few phone calls were like, what I remember being scared of, what our first conversation was about, etc. And then once I'm caught up I want to write in it on a regular basis.  I'm not limiting myself to a daily thing because let's face it- life is hectic.  But enough to keep him up to date.  And then if I'm right about this guy and we end up together, it will be part of his gift for our first wedding anniversary. 

You may be thinking why then?  Because it is symbolic to give "paper" on your first anniversary.  And what better paper can I give him than a book of paper with our love story on it.   I want him to hold our story in his hands.  I want our future children to have something to read and know that their mama loved their daddy.  And God forbid anything happen to me before that day comes, I want whomever finds it to make sure he gets it and knows where he stood in my heart.

So, that's the plan.  Opinions?

Well, loves.  I have spent all morning typing on this post in between customers, so I am going to leave it right here.  I hope you are still with me and I didn't bore you along the way... and if I did.. THEN WAKE UP.  I'm done :)


  1. So. Sweet.
    So excited to see what happens for you and "B."
    And I think the journal is a fabulous idea! I actually have one that I was writing for my ex... hmmm, bad example. Sorry. ha!

  2. It looks like you have a keeper there! I love the idea of writing the journal for him! So precious! You will definitely keep that sacred for years to come!

  3. Yay!!! I love this post!! and i had a few tears by the end!! I think it is a PERFECT idea!! I love it so much! ;) I am so super happy for you! and I am glad you are feeling better!

  4. This post is just full of awesome on every level.

    I THINK I might like B, but I'll need more intel!

    LOL @ Jenna's reaction! That's too cute.


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