Manic Monday!

Dear ladies & gents, (since I know someone out there reading this now!)

I hope everyone had a fabulous weekend!  I know mine was eventful!

Friday night, I went to visit with Alicia and see Ali Beth's room.  It is just so adorable.  Nothing like a "baby's room", but instead more like a room fit for a little girl.  I mean seriously adorbs! :)

We had dinner and talked about a ton of things.  I always enjoy my time with Alicia.  I miss living with her and getting to see her and talk to her every day.  I'm so glad I was blessed with a terrific roomie! :)

Saturday morning I got up early and cleaned the house and got everything ready for the baby shower.  All the girls showed up and we ate and had a good time with each other.  Just being together again is always so nice.  Everyone is in different places in their lives these days and I liked having a few hours of just being back together and not worrying about the "outside world." 

                             Aren't those cupcakes to die for? 

Alicia opening gifts

PRECIOUS baby boots!
We all had such a good time together.  I can't wait to see Miss Ali Beth and see Alicia be the wonderful mother that I already know she will become. 

Together again.
Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaand... for a more typical picture of what life is like when we are together...

Yes, I realize I look like an idiot..
                            So, girls... listen up- I MISS YOU!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, I got up and went to church and then went to see Dream House with mom.  It was a pretty good movie, although nothing like what I had imagined.  After that, I came home and relaxed with the children. 

And by children, I mean..

My son.

My daughter.
                                  Yes, I just said that.   =)

Everyone, have a wonderful Monday! :)


  1. Cupcakes yum!! Oh man Baby boots?! OH my too adorable... can I have a baby girl like now { totally kidding.. got a little crazy over those boots}

  2. Haha So you did indeed reference my comical comment from last night. I, again, feel honored, Miss Nelms. :)

    And those cupcakes?...I feel my sweet tooth about to go crazy for some.

    - From the mind of Tim and the big blue couch at Ole Miss.


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